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Who Should we Raise Money For?

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/6/18 19:35:37 (1319 reads)

Goal ThermometerUpdate: This poll is completed. We have our winners.

Since WhosPlayin first signed up with ActBlue, we've been able to raise nearly $1,000 for Democratic candidates for North Texas!

Now that the primaries are over and our presidential nomination is settled, it's time to set some priorities for us. WhosPlayin would like to do a push to try to raise another $1000 from our readers prior to the November election.

I know that you all are a generous bunch, even in hard times.

What I want to know is which candidate or candidates that we should actively raise funds for using this blog. Who do we support the most? Should we ask our readers to spread the donation among our local candidates, or are there favorites? Tell us what you think, then email your friends and ask them to weigh in. I'll personally chip in an extra $50 to the winner:

Who should WhosPlayin' raise money for? (Choose Multiple)
Barack Obama for President
Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate
Ken Leach for U.S. Rep. (Dist. 26)
Tom Love for U.S. Rep. (Dist. 24)
John McClelland for State Rep. (Dist. 64)
Jesus Carrillo for State Rep (Dist. 63)
Mark Thompson for Railroad Commission
Entire Democratic Slate
Denton County Democratic Party
None of the Above

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New Rodeo Queen Rides Off Into Sunset

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/6/17 4:01:18 (1715 reads)

Ah, good ole' Texas: Nothing but oil wells, sand, tumbleweeds and horses, y'all. At least that's what Yankees say they expect when they get off the plane at DFW Airport.

I guess Texas' Junior Senator John Cornyn (R) has been in Washington, DC so long, that he's forgotten that the vast majority of us live in cities and suburbs, and that except for a few that make their living on a ranch, and some affluent folks - most of just just don't ride horses.

Take this video that was used to introduce Cornyn at the Texas GOP convention:

At first, I thought it was a joke - that something funny would happen, and we'd see Senator Cornyn's lighter side. Nope, no sir... This is apparently done in all seriousness. He's even posted it on his campaign website. - I shit you not..

KT over at Burnt Orange report wants everyone to take a look.

Do you think that maybe this is John Cornyn's answer to higher gas prices? Or maybe he's jealous because fellow GOP Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison can pull off the cowgirl thing better than he can?

In the video, he is even so bold as to claim that he has supported our troops. When? When he was voting against their pay raises? When we were trying to get them out of Iraq? When we were trying to pass a new GI Bill so they could go to college when they get out? When they were sent into combat in a war of choice without the proper armor? When they were at Walter Reed with vermin running around? Maybe he silently supported them from the sidelines in his draft-dodging days? I'm sure he's at least watched some war movies where he rooted for the Americans - yeah, that's it.

This was John Cornyn's "Dukakis" moment for sure. Remember Michael Dukakis driving a tank?

Ride off into the sunset, "Big John". This here state ain't big enough for the two of us, ya hear?

This November, Texans have a clear choice: Do you want a pandering Washington insider, career politician who talks the talk? Or would you rather have a Texan who walks the walk and gives all Texans his full attention, and has put his life on the line to serve us?

I'm supporting Rick Noriega. Join me. Contribute.

Oh, and if you want to see Rick Noriega's introduction during the Texas Democratic Convention, here it is:

A little less ego, and a lot more substance, don't you think?

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Democratic Unity Rally

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/6/12 0:04:31 (2083 reads)

Alright folks, if there ever was a time for gloating or sulking at all, it's over. It's not productive, and we need to move on. We Democrats have a lot of work to do, up and down the ticket. The first thing we have to do is resolve to put aside our differences over the Presidential nomination and move forward together and work smartly to win some elections.


What: Democratic Unity Rally - Denton County Democratic Party
(Food, Live Music, Speakers, Meet Candidates, Register to Vote)
When: Saturday, June 14, 2008 - 11 AM to 3 PM
Where: Vista Ridge Amphitheater
3049 Lake Vista Drive; Lewisville, TX (15 miles north of Dallas)

View Larger Map
Who: All Democrats and people who may vote Democratic
Cost: FREE admission. Food and beverages available for sale. Limited number of Unity T-shirts are available for a small donation.
Kids: Bring them with you. There will be activities.
Parking: FREE ample parking.
Sponsored by the Denton County Democratic Party Join us, volunteer, and support the campaign for change!
(My idea was that "The beatings will continue until morale improves around here," but luckily, I got out-voted!)

Or maybe you would rather vote Republican?

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State of State '08

Posted by txdemjen on 2008/6/11 16:39:08 (1381 reads)

What happens when 12,000 Democrats invade a notorious party city in Texas for their convention during the most contentious Democratic primary in recent history? Peace, love, understanding and business that runs like a well-oiled machine, of course. Oh, and the Governor’s mansion burns down.

All right, so it wasn’t all Kumbaya, even though State Sen. Liticia Van De Putte of San Antonio did ask us all to have metaphorical make-up sex in her speech. Even we bleeding hearts have to know that politics ain’t pretty. It’s the convoluted, sometimes painful, and ultimately entirely human process we trudge through to achieve our shared goal of peace, love, and understanding. And it’s that goal that keeps us in our caucuses until 2, 3, or 4 in the morning to elect our grassroots representatives. It’s that goal that had us working together in crowded booths to raise money for our county to support our candidates. It’s that goal that made the police and fire departments show up only once because of a fire alarm-pulling disruption. I call that success.

I did witness a nasty flare-up outside the convention and one in my Senate District caucus that had three delegates storm out. That was disheartening as it was due to a misunderstanding of the rules and the positions of National Elector vs. National Delegate. Unfortunately, there was also some polarization in the caucuses between Obama and Clinton when it came to voting for committee positions – from some on both sides, by the way. Disappointing since the presidential preference is irrelevant when it comes to serving one’s state party on a rules or platform or resolutions committee. It’s great to see so much new involvement, but it would be helpful if everyone made an effort to understand the process and the rules before unfairly lashing out at and working to vilify other dedicated Democrats.

While there were scattered incidents of Clinton and Obama tempers flaring, I experienced a strong unity overall among my fellow Texas Democrats. I was given the honor of pinning an Obama pin on my Clinton Delegate friend’s lapel after Hillary’s speech and I saw much of the same throughout. I ran into a Clinton supporter making a comment about my shirt and her shirt that seemed snarky at first, but we talked briefly and ended with a big hug. Amazing what can happen when people start listening to each other.

The race for TDP Chair got its 15 minutes when Roy Laverne Brooks and David Van Os worked to unseat Boyd Richie. Van Os gave an, um, let’s call it “intense” speech that got the crowd pumped until he kept on past the crescendo. Roy Laverne Brooks was introduced with thundering music and kept her remarks brief. In the end, neither fired-up candidate came close to causing an upset and Richie won handily. I believe the point was made: Boyd, you’ve done well overall, but don’t think we’re not paying attention. True Democrats keep a close eye on power and please let us continue to do so.

In Senate District 9, seasoned grassroots supporters and bright new faces came together in strong support of their chosen candidates and to represent their precincts and our county. You could almost literally feel the energy, the knowledge and the passion in the room. And yes, at times, you could feel the tension as well. Low blood sugar and sequestering will do that to people. In the end, I’m proud to announce that Denton County was well-represented with Isaac Brown elected to the rules committee and Kennedy Barnes as our new SD 9 Committeeman. That’s one hell of an accomplishment, especially considering Dallas County has a strong majority in the district.

Denton County deserves props for its showing in the Senate District caucuses and throughout. The Flower Mound Democrats sponsored and staffed a booth with Denton County, promoting our candidates and raking in a good haul for the County party by hawking those beloved Yellow Dog tees. A big thanks to all who helped! With our showing, including all those who ran strong races for committee, national elector and delegate positions, along with our presence throughout and the talent we have here, we can proudly announce that Denton County is on the Democratic map!

So now it’s time to work together to make that vision of equality, peace, and justice for all a reality. While the realist in all of knows humanity will always be flawed, we know the Democratic principles we share can and will lift us all. In that spirit, I have no doubt that we will set aside our egos, bruised or heightened, control our tempers and our frustrations, and recognize that this year’s success in turning Texas blue will be because we share a common vision and work together as a PEOPLE. Let’s go get ‘em!

Oh yeah, as far as the Gov’s mansion goes, we’re still waiting for the alibi committee to come back with their results.

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Argh... Link dump

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/6/11 5:27:37 (1254 reads)

So many times in the past week or so, I've started to write a blog - then just ran out of time.

But I've got some links I want to share:

Winding Road has an excellent post about the tragic prospect of Killing a child as punishment for killing an infant

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates forced 2 top leaders from the Air Force because of that nuclear bomb screwup. (There were some other issues too, but this was the ostensible reason. Good move, I say)

Another woman drove off that boat launch at Eagle Point marina. She was rescued by an off-duty Denton firefighter.

Fire destroyed part of the Texas Governor's Mansion. This happened Sunday morning on the same weekend as the Texas Democratic Party convention was in Austin. So it took - oh, about 2 seconds for the nutzoid conspiracy theorists to start blaming Democrats for the fire. Can't tell you how badly I'd like to kick the perpetrator in the ribs.

A software update on an office computer caused a nuclear power plant shutdown. Nice...

Texas GOP Rep Jeb Hensarling did a live call-in show on CSPAN and had his ass handed to him by callers. Sounds like the chickens are coming home to roost for the GOP. (BTW, is that the worst toupee you've ever seen?)

I found a nifty blog called Freida Bee. I met the author at the Bloggers Caucus this past Thursday night. Very good writer - very creative.

I saw this website advertised with lettering on the back window of a Hummer. Ironic? Apparently if we all just put little flags on our guzzlers, we can make a change?

Hopefully soon, we'll have a post from one of our local folks who attended the state convention and actually did something other than drink and walk around. I posted a few pics. You can see them on the left or in the photos section.

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