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Lewisville Police Warn of Phone Scammers

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2013/5/10 6:10:00 (827 reads)

Open in new windowThe Lewisville Police Department reported Thursday that they became aware of a phone scam where someone calls Lewisville residents and purports themselves to be a representative of CoServ Electric demanding the resident send payment or risk having their service be interrupted. The phony representative instructs the resident to go to his closest pharmacy to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak and call him back with the payment information.

If the public questions the authenticity of a business representative, they should call the business phone number listed on their bill. Most legitimate businesses do not request payment in this manner. CoServ is working closely with the police department in this matter.

If you have been a victim of this or a similar crime, contact the Lewisville Police Department at 972-219-3600, or your local police agency.

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Wednesday Afternoon Update - Belated Teacher Appreciation Day Edition

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/5/8 23:50:00 (2166 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowYesterday was Teacher Appreciation Day. I wish we could appreciate them by paying them better, and freeing them from high-stakes testing. I wish we could free them from the constant onslaught of politicians who insist that our teachers are holding out on us, and would teach much better if we could just rate them based on standardized tests, bust their unions, outsource them to corporate overlords, or dictate their curriculum based on the religion or political ideology of the loudest voices in the room. In spite of all of that, and the low pay, long hours, and high stress, they still serve. And many of them put in so much more than they are required to.

As a dad, I want to say that I appreciate you. Now that my kids are teens, I have come to understand that although I have a great amount of influence over my kids, I will always be square old Dad, who has to be a hard-ass sometimes, and who gets onto them for things they do, and choices they make. I am the one who seemingly to them was never a teen, and can never understand them, and never wants them to have any fun. You have their attention and can get across to them and provide some diversity of thought for them that I can’t. You not only teach them the subject they are signed up for, but you model for them the way that time and people are managed. You show them how to react to problems. They just learn so much that is not in the curriculum, and that does not scare me in the least.

Teachers, you are appreciated.

LISD has a survey they would like the community to participate in regarding their communications.

A group of Lewisville High School Alumni called Farmers Paying it Forward have been raising money to buy laptops for LHS kids going to college. The past two years, they've raised enough money to buy two laptops to send with deserving students each year, but this year, they've so far only raised enough money to buy one. We've checked into it, and although the group is not a 501(c)(3), they come highly recommended, and they route the donations through Lewisville High School in order to get donors a letter acknowledging receipt of the donation for tax purposes. We've had some discussions here on LTJ about students needing access to technology, so this is one organization trying to make a difference. Please visit their Facebook page and like it, then think about sending them a few bucks if you can spare it. Wouldn't it be cool if they could be able to hook up a lot more kids?

Operation Peace of Mind seeks to address the issue of bullying in our schools.

The expansion of virtual schools carries a high price tag that the legislature seems unwilling to pay right now.

Texas New Mexico Power is offering community grants up to $10,000 for local organizations to do environmental or beautification projects. This would be ideal for an organization like Keep Lewisville Beautifuk or a Boy Scout organizing an Eagle Scout project.

In Farmers Branch, a Tea Party candidate for City Council advocates drive-by belt whippings.

There are 144 ICD-10 diagnosis codes relating to injuries from birds. 9 of them are for injuries from turkeys, and another 9 are from injuries caused by geese. Here’s an article that explains a bit more about the ICD-10 system.

An article says Flower Mound is the 2nd richest city in America - based on the percentage of households with incomes over $100k.

The Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club holds its annual Corinthian Heritage Cup Regatta this weekend on Lewisville Lake. You know, I’ve never been sailing in my life (though my dad had a ski boat, and we spent plenty of time on that), and I’ve never been out on Lewisville Lake. One of these days, I might have to look into one of their sailing classes. Have any of our readers ever done that? Is it a fun thing for a couple to do?

Once again, Fitch has rated Lewisville’s bonds at “AAA” - the highest rating available, and one that exceeds the U.S. federal government.

Well, you can sleep better now, knowing that North Korea has pulled its “missiles” away from the launch areas. I suspect it’s a bluff, and that the missiles might be decoys.

Tea Party nut o’ the day: Sterling Heights, Michigan Councilman Paul Smith (and his wife, for good measure)

Fuzzy math - 150 liquor stores in Plano - only by some seemingly tortured extrapolation.

Funny stuff here: Better names for products.

Holy crap, this is a Texas-sized snail!

I love Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Tim McGraw, but this new music video of theirs - "The High-a-way Don't Care" is just awful. It's just depressing, and sort of confusing. You sort of expect the woman to drive off the road when Taylor Swift materializes and appears in her rear view mirror.

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Lewisville SWAT Ends Standoff After Shots Fired

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2013/5/8 15:00:00 (1651 reads)

Open in new windowLast night, Lewisville police responded to a shots-fired call at an apartment complex on Lakeview Circle, near Lewisville Lake. Two suspects barricaded themselves into an apartment, and Lewisville police brought the SWAT team out to get them out. The incident was concluded without injury.

Denton Record Chronicle has more.

You can listen to the police scanner audio from the incident at this link. (Call starts about 18:57:00 in the list)

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Vote Saturday in 2013 Municipal Elections

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2013/5/7 7:00:00 (5490 reads)

Open in new windowMunicipal elections will be held Saturday, May 11th, 2013 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Election Day Voting

On election day, voting hours are always 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters must vote by their assigned precinct, which is printed on the voter registration card. We are only listing Lewisville precincts, but a complete listing can be found here. Voters who do not have a current voter card available can find their precinct and verify their registration here.

Precincts: 3006, 3007, 3008, 3009, 3010, 3011
Lewisville Municipal Annex,
1197 W. Main St., Lewisville

Precincts: 3012, 3013, 3014, 3015, 3016, 3017, 3019, 3022, 3023, Dallas Co. pcts 2910 and 2911
Memorial Park Recreation Center,
1950-B S. Valley Pkwy, Lewisville

Precincts: 3018, 3020, 3021, 3032
Lewisville City Hall, 151 W. Church St, Lewisville

On The Ballot

Most Texas cities and school districts are holding elections for their city councils and school boards. The Lewisville Texan Journal covers the City of Lewisville and the Lewisville Independent School District. For coverage in Highland Village, Flower Mound, Argyle, and Bartonville, please see the Cross Timbers Gazette.

Open in new windowLewisville City Council:
The Lewisville City Council consists of a Mayor and five Council Members. Council Members and the Mayor each serve three-year terms, and are elected "at-large", meaning that all residents of Lewisville can vote on each position, and each member represents all of the citizens. Two positions are up for election each year. This year's election is for place 4 and place 5. In order to win this election, a candidate must receive a majority of all votes cast in that position. If no candidate receives a majority, then there will be a runoff election between the top two vote-getters to determine the winner. After each year's election, the Council Members meet in closed session, then select a Mayor Pro Tem and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem from among the Council Members. City Council elections are non-partisan, meaning that ballot access is open to any candidate regardless of party. City Council members are paid only $50 per meeting, amounting to about $1,400 per year, which is likely not even minimum wage, considering the amount of time they devote.

Place 4: (in ballot order)
- Greg Tierney - [Background and Issues]
- John Gorena (Incumbent) [Background and Issues]

Place 5: (in ballot order)
- Raymond Daniels - [Background and Issues]
- Rudy Durham (Incumbent) - [Background and Issues]

Related: Qualifications for Lewisville City Council

Open in new windowLewisville ISD Board of Trustees
School districts in Texas are governed by locally-elected boards of trustees, who are responsible for setting policy and ensuring funding for the district. Lewisville ISD's Board of Trustees has seven elected board members, each serving three-year terms. Each year, either two or three positions come up for re-election. Even though the district is 127 square miles and covers portions of 13 municipalities, all seven seats are at-large, meaning that each position is elected by and serves the entire district. School board candidates run by position, and each position is won by the candidate receiving the most votes in that position, even if the candidate does not receive a majority of votes. Board members are NOT paid for their service. School board elections are non-partisan. Party affiliations are not included on the ballot, and ballot access is open to anyone regardless of party.

Place 3: (in ballot order)
- Mark Welding [Background and Issues]
- Paige Shoven [Background and Issues]

Place 4: (in ballot order)
- Kris Vaughn [Background and Issues]
- Jared Brueckner [Background and Issues]

Place 5: (in ballot order)
- Brenda Latham [Background and Issues]
- Ryan Collinsworth [Background and Issues]
- Lisa Rossi (Withdrawn)

Recommendations and Thoughts

For Lewisville City Council, we endorse Greg Tierney in Place 4, and have no endorsement in Place 5. Read more...

For the LISD Board positions, LTJ Editor Steve Southwell published some thoughts here.

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Lewisville to Spray For Mosquitoes Tuesday

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2013/5/7 6:07:05 (802 reads)

Open in new windowMosquito samples test positive for West Nile Virus

Two trap locations set overnight Tuesday, April 30, captured mosquitoes that tested positive for the presence of West Nile Virus. Locations were the 800 block of College Street and the 1700 block of South Edmonds Ln. (behind Renaissance Village Retirement Center). Follow-up traps set overnight Wednesday did not capture enough mosquitoes for accurate testing.

Based on those test results, and the fact that cases of human infection did occur near both locations during 2012, the City has decided to treat both areas with a combination of ground-level spraying to kill adult mosquitoes and aggressive larvicide treatment to kill eggs and larva.

Spraying has been scheduled for two consecutive nights in both target areas – Tuesday, May 7, and Wednesday, May 8 – starting after 10 p.m. each night and lasting most of the night. Maps of the two spraying target areas are available on the city website.

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