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2014/3/13 - Thursday Night Update
2014/3/8 - Dutch Oven Cookers Share Food, Fellowship, and Fun
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Old Town Resident Opens Little Free Library

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/3/24 22:20:00 (1993 reads)

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Lewisville's first Little Free Library - at the corner of Herod and Walters in Old Town. Just a bit bigger than a birdhouse, the little library matches the historic home behind it. The library is painted on the sides with the message "Take a book, leave a book." (LTJ Photo)

By Steve Southwell

An Old Town Lewisville neighborhood now has its own new free library. Resident Frank Vaughan, who lives in the historic home on the corner of Walters and Herod, just West of the Lewisville City Hall, says he read about the Little Free Library concept on a blog.

"I read about this on a blog on ways to make neighborhoods more human and interactive," said Vaughan. "We thought it was a cool idea and wanted to do something," he added.

One of Vaughan's Old Town neighbors, Dixie Westbrook was excited about the idea. "Isn't it precious?" she asked. "I contributed a book as soon as I saw it up!" she added.

In its first weekend in "operation", the little library has been a hit. "So far, it has been up this weekend and we have restocked it twice," said Vaughan. "I am a little worried about running out of books, but several have said they will bring some by."

The Lewisville Texan Journal brought a couple of books by when we visited the library this afternoon.

The Little Free Library concept started in 2009 in Wisconsin, and has caught on since then. Little Free Library organization that promotes the idea maintains an online map of locations. The organization says they have over 15,000 locations in 56 countries.

Although the concept will never replace a regular brick-and-mortar public library, it does provide a neighborhood amenity, and it can bring children closer to books. According to the website, they can even help neighbors meet each other, and get to know each other better.

The way the little library works is very simple: Simply take a book or leave a book. The concept relies on the idea that most people will play fair and extend the same favor to others that was extended to them. Still, the organization offers tips for the library "stewards" (the individual who maintains each little library) to avoid vandalism, and keep the library stocked.

We wish the new little library success. If any other local residents would like to start one, let us know, and we'll be happy to spread the word about your new location.

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LISD School Board Meeting Notes - March 17th, 2014

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2014/3/23 12:31:13 (1659 reads)

Open in new windowBy Angela Jackman, Parents4LISD

The Lewisville ISD Board of Trustees met in their regular monthly meeting Monday night, March 17th, 2014. These are our unofficial notes of the proceedings. Official minutes are generally posted after the following month's meeting when they are approved by the board. Agendas and minutes are posted here. Meeting video can be found here.

Meeting Highlights
1) The Awards and Recognitions part of the LISD Board Meetings are always a highlight.

2) The LISD Fine Arts recognized a phenomenal 58 All State Musicians.

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Economic Development Agreement Reached for Three Restaurants to Serve Old Town

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/3/18 3:10:00 (3899 reads)

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Concept Plan for new restaurant development, overlaid on an aerial map. (Location and configuration are approximate, as a site map was not included in the agenda backup materials) (Aerial imagery by Google, Concept Plan via Council agenda backup)
By Steve Southwell

The Lewisville City Council Monday night approved an economic development agreement that will bring three new restaurants to a 1.76 acre piece of land currently owned by the City of Lewisville on the Northwest Corner of Charles and Church Streets. The developer in the project is Old Town Development Lewisville, LLC, managed by Chris Gordon.

Although the public agenda material, and contract released did not contain the names of the proposed restaurants, a concept sketch released by Lewisville Staff earlier today revealed that two of them could be Twisted Root Burger Company and Cane Rosso, a pizzaria. The sketch shows buildings that incorporate rustic corrugated metal grain silos as design elements. The contract itself calls for three “high quality restaurants” which are “acceptable to the city”.

The agreement calls for incentives from the city in the form of sales tax rebates, and an upfront investment for parking lots, utility relocation, and the waiver of permitting and development fees.

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Thursday Night Update

Blogs and Columns
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/3/13 22:47:03 (2198 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowOpen in new windowLast Friday, Fluffy and I got to go out for a kayak-based litter survey and mini-cleanup on the Elm Fork of the Trinity River with Keep Lewisville Beautiful. The trip was hosted by Kayak Power, which operates kayak trips there from just below the dam to the crossing at FM 3040. Overall, the river wasn’t too filthy. The worst part were the shores just below SH 121. Still, we pulled a few bags of garbage out. It really wasn’t at all like work, but more like sport. By the end of the trip, Fluffy and I had gotten pretty good at swinging our two-seater kayak around and navigating to the garbage and extracting it. This is really just a great trip, and Mike did a great job of outfitting us and showing us what we needed to know. Check out their Facebook page, and their website for more info on how you can kayak the Elm Fork.

If you haven’t been to LLELA, you really should try to make it out there. Michael D. Fox has posted an online album of the photographs he has taken there.

The 2013 crime report has been released, and the City of Lewisville has written a bit about it. For various reasons, crime statistics are tricky to interpret, so I don’t think the headline “Crime rate sees 18.1 percent drop in 2013” should necessarily have too much read into it. There are different types of crime, and different levels of seriousness. There are also crimes such as murder where the city has only ever had a few per year, so any increase or reduction there always looks dramatic. Other types of crime, such as sexual assault often go unreported, and thus the statistics can be misleading. We strongly encourage interested readers to go straight to the reports page and read through them. Our police do a lot of work, and it’s apparent when one reads just how much crime they deal with.

An appeals court has upheld a verdict that Lewisville ISD is not liable in the 2010 suicide of 9 year old Montana Lance. The trial court ruled that Lewisville ISD had no constitutional duty to protect Lance from his fellow classmates. I think that as long as we have compulsory attendance for Texas public schools, then there ought to be a constitutional duty to protect.

There is a petition to turn Dallas ISD into a home rule charter district. Pardon me if I’m cynical, but it’s hard not to look at this and wonder what the angle is, and how the education privatizers and the testing-industrial complex will benefit. Is the Dallas Mayor behind it? While I definitely support the idea that cities and school districts need to work together to solve problems, I think cities have enough to worry about without being in charge of a school district.

Albertsons grocery chain will acquire Safeway, the parent company of our local Tom Thumb grocery stores. Funny - I guess we figured Albertsons always had a foot in the grave. Fluffy says the reason we don’t shop at Albertsons is that she can’t stand the layout of the store, with the split aisles.

Here is an I-35 expansion update from the Denton Record Chronicle. It looks like the real work is beginning.

Last update, I posted about how Whole Foods grocery store was a Temple of Pseudoscience. Well, here’s an article that takes a different direction: “America’s Angriest Store - How Whole Foods Attracts Complete Shitheads”. You know, I had forgotten about this incident that happened years ago when we used to live in Plano. My wife and I went to Whole Foods for some reason, and I did something that caused me to take a step back and wonder about my own sanity. I think I had already been in a bit of a cranky mood due to traffic, and when we arrived at the store, the whole parking lot was ridiculously full, so I had to circle. I thought I saw a spot right up front, but it turns out that somebody had parked their expensive little car smack in the middle of two spots. Grrr. So eventually I found a spot more distant, and the walk to the store entrance involved walking past this car. No handicapped plates, or any obvious reason why it should be there. I found myself actually spitting on the hood of the car as I passed it. The guy happened to be walking back to his car at that moment, and passed us - looking at his hood, then looking back at me. No confrontation happened, other than my wife wanting to know what the hell got into me. I really couldn’t answer. I haven’t done anything like that since then. I guess it just bothers me when people are inconsiderate, but it was juvenile (yet harmless) to spit on a car.

Are you a visual learner? Do you want to understand how the DNA in our cell nuclei cause our bodies to create proteins? Got four and a half minutes? You have to check out this video.

Speed limits will increase soon on some highways around North Texas.

The U.S. Department of Education has denied Texas’ request to waive double-testing for 8th grade students like my son, who are taking Algebra I, and must pass the STARR EOC, as well as take the 8th grade math STARR.

The US Geological Survey has concluded that a 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma was caused by human activity.

A Denton County jailer who was earning almost $102,000 per year was fired by Sheriff Travis, but has been re-hired by the Commissioners’ Court for another job at $36,000, which apparently has angered Travis.

14 things that are obsolete in 21st century schools.

Remember the Superconducting Supercollider that was to be built South of Dallas, and that got its funding yanked after construction had begun? Well, here’s an even more audacious idea that nearly encircles all of Dallas, and almost (but not quite) reaches all the way North to Lewisville.

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens Calls For Six New Constitutional Amendments.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta doubles down on support for medical marijuana.

According to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, youth who smoke e-cigarettes are more likely to use tobacco.

Here’s a municipal nightmare: Imagine one of your neighbors in your residential neighborhood installs a gun range in his back yard, and your city is powerless to do anything about it. Fortunately, in Lewisville, if you want to shoot in your back yard, you are limited to BB guns.

Local musician of the week: Deirdre Wilson is a singer/songwriter living in Lewisville now. Check out 14:54 - Alright, Alright.

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Dutch Oven Cookers Share Food, Fellowship, and Fun

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/3/8 12:45:26 (2387 reads)

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Lewisville Lake Armadillos Dutch oven cooking group stand in front of the feast they prepared in LL Woods Park on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 (Photo by Steve Southwell)
By Steve Southwell

The Lewisville Lake Armadillos meet the first Saturday of each month in a local park to share their enthusiasm for Dutch oven cooking. At these “DOGs” (Dutch oven gatherings), they not only learn recipes and techniques from one another, but they share the resulting feast smorgasbord style when the food is done, like a big happy, extended family. At their invitation, I joined them on a beautiful day last Saturday to see and taste for myself.

For the uninitiated, a Dutch oven is a round cast-iron pot with feet, and a heavy cast-iron lid with a raised rim. To cook in them, you typically place the pot on a layer of burning coals or charcoal briquets, then place briquets on top of the lid. The heavy iron conducts heat evenly, and bakes the contents, melding the flavors nicely. Until Saturday, my only experience with them had been at the occasional Cub Scout camp-out, where the leaders had used them in the campfire to cook peach cobbler. What I didn’t realize was how versatile the cookers are, and how seriously some devotees take the art (or shall I say “science”) of cooking in them.

Lewisville resident Steven Sick along with his wife Stacy, organized the Lewisville Lake Armadillos as a local chapter of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. Although Steven Sick and his wife were not at the March cookout that I attended, their family was well represented. Deborah Sick was there cooking up a wonderful cabbage dish, and Craig Sick was making several interesting things, most notably “Hot Dogs Jubilee” - a simple mixture of cherry pie filling and cut up frankfurters. I got the sense there is a bit of competition for concocting things that are a bit out of the ordinary.

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Election Results - March 4th, 2014 Primary Election

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2014/3/4 21:10:00 (2432 reads)

Open in new windowHere is a quick recap of the primary results:

Selected Statewide and U.S. Offices
In the race for U.S. Senate, John Cornyn handily beat Tea Party challenger Steve Stockman. On the Democratic side, David Alameel faces a runoff with LaRouche candidate Kesha Rogers, after getting 47% of the vote.

In the Governor's race, favorites Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis will face each other in November.

In the Lt. Governor's race, it will be a runoff between Dan Patrick with 41.5% and David Dewhurst with 28.3% of the vote. The winner will face Democrat Leticia Van De Putte in November.

In U.S. House District 26, Republican incumbent Michael Burgess easily wins his primary with 83%. There is no Democratic challenger this year.

In U.S. House District 24, Kenny Marchant was unopposed, and faces Democrat Patrick McGehearty in November

Republicans Ken Paxton and Dan Branch will face one another in the runoff for Attorney General, and the winner will face Democrat Sam Houston in the general election.

In the race for Comptroller, Hegar, with 50% might narrowly win without a runoff, or may face Hilderbran (26%).

Wayne Christian will face Ryan Sitton in the Republican runoff for Texas Railroad Commission. Steve Brown won his race on the Democratic side for RRC.

Incumbents won all of their races for Texas Supreme Court

Denton County
State Reps:
- District 63 incumbent Tan Parker was unopposed and will face Democrat Daniel Moran in November
- District 64 incumbent Myra Crownover beat challenger Read King with 55% and will face Democrat Emy Lyons in November
- District 65 incumbent Ron Simmons was unopposed and will face Democrat Alex Mendoza in November
- District 106 incumbent Pat Fallon was unopposed and will face Democrat Lisa Osterhold in November

County Judge Mary Horn has beat off two challengers, and will avoid a runoff with 54% of the vote. There is no Democratic challenger.

In the race for District Attorney, incumbent Paul Johnson received 43% of the vote, and will face a runoff with challenger Karen Alexander. There is no Democratic challenger.

In the race for County Criminal Court 5, Coby Waddill beats Vic Rivera with 63% of the vote.

Justice of the Peace pct. 3 Becky Kerbow (Lewisville) was unopposed and faces no Democratic challenger in November

In JP Precinct 4, it will be a runoff between Republicans J Hand with 39% and Harris Hughey with 27%.

In JP Precinct 5, it will be a runoff between Republicans Cynthia Mitchell with 23% and Mike Oglesby with 19%

In JP Precinct 6, Gary Blanscet beat Tom Washington with 53%.

Former Lewisville police officer and current precinct 1 Constable Jesse Flores was upset by former Deputy, Johnny Hammons, who had 65% of the vote. More background on that race here.

Republican Party County Chair Dianne Edmondson beat challenger Labib Basta of Lewisville with over 99% of the vote. Democratic Party Chair Phyllis Wolper was unopposed and retains her seat.

State Rep Lon Burnam narrowly lost his primary (by 111 votes) to Domingo Garcia-backed candidate Ramon Romero.

State Senator John Carona has been defeated by challenger Don Huffines, with 50.6% of the vote.

U.S. Rep Ralph Hall in District 4 will face a runoff with John Ratcliffe after only garnering 45.4%

Primary runoff elections are May 27th, with early voting May 19th-23rd.

For a full list of statewide, U.S., and Texas legislature results, we would like to direct you to the Texas Tribune's election results, and the Denton County Elections website for the contested races within the county. (Republican | Democratic)

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Council Renews Waste Management Contract, Goes to Once-a-Week Garbage Pickup

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/3/4 6:48:34 (2305 reads)

Open in new windowMonday night, the Lewisville City Council voted 4-1 to extend the franchise with Waste Management for garbage and recycling pickup, and move to once-weekly recycling pickup.

Last October, we described the Council's conversation on the topic, but Monday night, they finally took action.

The change in service results in a $1.11 per month decrease in customers' bills, whereas continuing with the same level of twice-weekly trash pickups would have cost an additional $0.85 per month. The $1.96 difference would have added $23.52 per year to each bill, or a cost of about 45 cents each for the 52 extra pickups. Waste Management will issue 96 gallon trash and recycling carts. The carts are 50% larger than the city's current recycling carts. Part of the goal is to encourage more recycling and less trash to extend the life of the landfill.

The Council also added mandatory recycling for apartments, which will be required to take on recycling dumpsters, and pay an additional cost of $1.18 per unit.

Other service options, such as bulky waste pickup and dump privileges remain the same under the new plan.

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Vote Tuesday, March 4th in Democratic and Republican Primary Elections

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2014/3/3 20:00:00 (2893 reads)

Open in new windowTexas’ March 4th Democratic and Republican Primary elections are less than a month away, and early voting starts on Feburary 18th. We will be posting information about what is on the ballot and where and when to vote. We invite readers to post their civil and well-reasoned arguments in the comments below, about the candidates and parties they favor.

About Primaries in Texas
Primary elections are elections to determine who each political party’s nominees will be for the general election in November, 2014. The winning nominee from each party will face each other in November, Voting in a party primary affiliates the voter with that party for the full two-year cycle. Although voters in Texas do not register in parties, voters cannot vote in another party’s primary or sign a nomination petition for a candidate who is a member of another party or running as an independent. You may switch parties any time you like, but you may not vote in another party’s primary runoff once you have voted in your original party’s primary for that year. Voting in a primary election does not obligate you to vote for the same candidate in the general election. For this reason, voters in Texas often will cross over and vote in another party’s primary in order to affect the outcome. In our area, most elections are decided in the Republican primaries, so many Democrats will choose to vote in the Republican primary in order to choose the better candidate. In 2008, Republicans crossed over to the Democratic primary, since Texas had a huge say in the Democratic presidential race. The Libertarian party chooses candidates by convention, and independent candidates pay a filing fee and must collect signatures in order to get on the ballot.

About Voting in Texas
Voters must be have been registered 30 days prior to the election, and must provide an appropriate form of photo identification such as a Texas Drivers License, Texas ID, Military ID, or Passport that is no more than 60 days expired. If you received a current voter card in the mail, it will list your precinct, which you will need to know if you choose to wait until election day to vote. Denton County voters can check their registration and precinct information online here.

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Mainstreaming Radicalism in Texas

Jason Stanford
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2014/3/3 0:32:33 (1970 reads)

Open in new windowBy Jason Stanford

Hide your wallets and shield the children, because they're voting down in Texas. Texas Republicans will be testing the strength of the Tea Party as they pick their first post-Rick Perry slate of statewide candidates since the 1980s. But Texas Democrats might end up missing Perry, as there is a decent shot that Republicans will nominate not their best-qualified, most-electable candidates but an entire clown car full of crazypants.

Let's start at the top of the ticket, where incumbent Sen. John Cornyn, rated the second-most conservative senator in 2012, was apparently not conservative enough to escape a primary challenge. Into that breach leapt Steve Stockman, the congressman who once Tweeted, "If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted." This race should have been great fun, but Stockman has campaigned mostly by hiding from public view and skipping votes in congress. Going into the candidate protection program is working. One poll shows Stockman could force Cornyn into a runoff.

Below Greg Abbott on the ballot is a quartet of candidates for lieutenant governor, the most reasonable of whom advocates changing the 14th Amendment to prevent anchor babies from attaining citizenship. All of the Republicans seeking this office oppose abortion exceptions for rape and incest and supported keeping a dead woman on life support because she was pregnant. Even on this stage, state Sen. Dan Patrick, who faces good odds to advance to the next round, stands out for calling undocumented immigrants an "illegal invasion." What's smart in a Texas Republican primary can be politically fatal in a state that's 40 percent Hispanic.

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Lewisville ISD Closed Monday Due to Hazardous Driving Conditions

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2014/3/2 23:20:00 (1800 reads)

Open in new window
Lewisville ISD has just given word that all classes for Monday, March 3rd are cancelled due to the hazardous travel conditions and extreme cold weather. It's a good call, we think.

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