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2014/9/8 - Home Invasion Robbery in Castle Hills
2014/9/6 - Sheriff's Deputy Godi Receives Star of Texas Award
2014/9/6 - Youth Orchestra to Make Its Home at MCL Grand in Lewisville
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2014/8/30 - Football Scores - Friday, August 29th 2014
2014/8/29 - Letters: Legal Defense Fund Established for Freed
2014/8/29 - Content Removed
2014/8/26 - Burger King Inversion Update
2014/8/25 - Officers Receive Life Saving Awards
2014/8/24 - Lewisville To Spray Again for Mosquitoes Monday and Tuesday Nights
2014/8/23 - Motorists Reminded to Be Careful as Kids Head Back-to-School
2014/8/20 - Neighborhood Gets Help from LISD and Police on Litter, Crime Problem
2014/8/20 - Letters: Freed Should Be Considered Innocent
2014/8/17 - Sunday Evening Update - End of Summer Vacation Edition
2014/8/17 - Pictures of Local High Water
2014/8/17 - Lewisville to Spray for Mosquitoes Monday and Tuesday
2014/8/16 - Flower Mound Presbyterian Church Celebrates 160 Years with Homecoming
2014/8/8 - Former Fire Official Arrested in Fill-the-boot Theft
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2014/9/16 23:28 - Re: Monday Morning Update - September 15th (RNeil)
2014/9/10 23:24 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/10 20:02 - Re: Letters: Problem with STAAR is Ownership (Anonymous)
2014/9/10 14:55 - Re: Letters: Problem with STAAR is Ownership (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 23:41 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 23:40 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 20:24 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 18:24 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 15:10 - Re: Letters: Problem with STAAR is Ownership (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 8:13 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (WhosPlayin)
2014/9/8 22:52 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/8 21:56 - Re: Updated: Mother Found Shot Dead in Her Lewisville Hom... (WhosPlayin)
2014/9/8 17:45 - Re: Updated: Mother Found Shot Dead in Her Lewisville Hom... (Anonymous)
2014/9/8 15:52 - Re: Letters: Legal Defense Fund Established for Freed (WhosPlayin)
2014/9/7 9:58 - Re: Letters: Legal Defense Fund Established for Freed (Anonymous)
2014/9/5 11:58 - Re: Visualizing the Lewisville City Budget (jbcglc)
2014/9/4 21:26 - Re: Red Light Cameras on Hold in Lewisville (Anonymous)
2014/9/2 13:15 - Re: Burger King Inversion (dskinner)
2014/8/30 17:40 - Re: Parent Upset over School Fussing Over Student's ... (Anonymous)
2014/8/29 12:12 - Re: Burger King Inversion (jbcglc)
2014/8/28 22:32 - Re: Burger King Inversion (Anonymous)
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Online Auction Fundraiser Concluded

Get Involved! - Rise to Your Higher Self
Posted by mamask8z on 2008/8/25 8:44:19 (747 reads)

Thank you to all those who bid for the 1-hour massage and the 1-Hour Spanish tutoring. Both items were won by Patsy. Remember, if you didn't get a chance to bid and would like to contribute, please donate at

Watch for more auctions coming soon.

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Thoughts on Sunday Morning

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/8/24 11:06:21 (879 reads)

Ah, it's Sunday Morning. Time for another brain dump.

Neighborhood drilling
My week has been somewhat consumed with my reaction to the proposal for gas drilling in the Barnett Shale in my neighborhood. We've been organizing and had a couple of neighborhood meetings. I'm absolutely thrilled to have the chance to meet some of my neighbors for the first time. I guess I wish it were under better circumstances. I must admit that the thought of the money excites me a bit, but I'm really, really hesitant about the environmental issues it's going to bring. I wrote about it earlier this week, so I won't go over it again here.

The Job
I'm going to Scottsdale again this coming week. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to get a bit more mentoring and training. No problems with the technical part, but still trying to learn the business. I've had some frustrations with little things, and I'm afraid it sounds like bitching, but I just feel a bit like I'm trying to work with my hands tied. For instance, my desk and chair are just not ergonomic. I don't have a keyboard drawer, so my wrists hurt a bit from reaching too high. My monitors have lower resolution than I'm used to, so I don't have enough room on my screens to view all of the windows I'm working in. I replaced my company-issued mouse with a new trackball, but this silly thing has no scrolling wheel like the one I use in my personal office. So even though it's easier on my wrist, ergonomically, it's frustrating to use. I don't have a headset on my phone, so it's been difficult to be on the phone and computer at the same time.

Like I said, it's little stuff. I'll get it fixed.

Politics - Obama and Biden
The big news was that Obama picked his running mate. I liked Biden early on because of his performance in the debates, and I wasn't in favor of Evan Bayh due to his support of a new war on Iran. So, I'm pleased that he chose Biden.

I know it doesn't quite fit the narrative of change to pick a guy who has been in the Senate so long, but I think it's a trade-off that is necessary to make sure that the team has a strong player on the foreign policy front.

I really appreciate Obama placing so much value on seeking wise counsel. He has said that he's not looking for someone that agrees with him on every issue, but rather someone to challenge him and compliment his skill set. I think that by having Obama as the visionary, and Biden as a navigator, we would have a very good chance of getting good policy implemented.

Electorally, I don't know how well it does him. I've sort of given up on that sort of punditry.

I'm looking forward to watching the Democratic Convention this coming week.

School Starts
This coming week is the first week of school. Mamask8z and I will be glad to get them out of the house. Be careful in those school zones, ok?

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Meeting went well

The Editor's Column
Posted by mamask8z on 2008/8/23 22:55:43 (1101 reads)

We had fewer folks than we had for Thursday's meeting. I'd say almost 100 showed up, though some left early when a small thunderstorm threatened to let loose on us.

I learned a few things, and I look forward to talking to more of my neighbors, and researching a bit more on some of the environmental issues, nuisances, and hazards.

Hopefully next time we'll be able to meet at the Senior center. We'll have to try to find a facility we can rent out. At least if we do it indoors, we can bring a projector and show some slides.

One thing I heard from several different sources, is that Lewisville could actually sit over a more productive zone of the Barnett Shale than some of the other areas, due to the structure of the shale and something to do with "sand". Anyhow, I hope that I can find more on the geology. At some point, we'll also have to pull production figures on the closest wells to see what we might be dealing with here.

Soon, I hope to post more of a wrap-up of the various things we've learned since this all started.

In the mean time, folks, please feel free to post your comments or questions, and I'll do my best to find some answers.

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Get Involved! - Rise to Your Higher Self
Posted by mamask8z on 2008/8/23 21:41:47 (933 reads)

Hey y'all!! Get your bids in now! A reminder to all of our readers that the first in a series of online auctions benefiting the Breast Cancer 3-Day team of "Crusin' Caddys" will conclude at 8:00 CDT tomorrow (Sunday) August 24, 2008. Time's a tickin' folks.

To bid for a MamaSk8z "DELUXE" 1 Hour Massage: ... g/details.php?blog_id=763

To bid for 1 Hour of Spanish Tutoring: ... g/details.php?blog_id=762

More items to be presented soon. All proceeds go to Susan G. Komen for a Cure and the National Philanthropic Fund. Thank you from Team Crusin' Caddys (the team Mamask8z, a.k.a. jen, is on!) for supporting us.

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Draft Agenda - Saturday Neighborhood Meeting

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/8/23 8:59:05 (917 reads)

Neighbors in the Willow Grove and Valley Vista subdivisions in Lewisville will be meeting today at 6pm in Willow Grove Park to discuss possible gas drilling in the neighborhood, and how we can organize to ensure that we get the best deal for the residents.

Here is a draft agenda:

1. Introductions
2. Dan Manning
- Purpose for the meeting
- Short history of urban drilling
3. Steve Southwell
- Consequences for the community
- Consequences for the environment
- Consequences for the city
4. Explanation of what Cherokee Horn is attempting, by Chuck - 20 year land man.
5. Explanation of the drilling process, and how investors and lessees get paid.
6. Going forward
- Encourage those gathered not to sign anything yet and why.
- Encourage those gathered to join one of the groups or all of the groups attempting to organize this. Encourage those gathered to tell all of their friends and neighbors in Lewisville to get involved at any level possible. Give out Websites, collect names and numbers, e-mail address of of those willing to help.

Come and join us.

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What's work got to do with it?

Posted by Kit on 2008/8/22 12:27:29 (1143 reads)

Let me see if I have this, work hard get an education show a real interest in the community, be involved and help others, become successful and that is an elitist? - But inherit and marry money, use your 'war service' as the primary issue for qualification to everything, have daddy get you into and help you out of the Naval Academy and that is a guy that can understand the average American?

I am not a fool and I know that most of this is just a touch nastier then it needs to be, but then each campaign seems to get nastier. We are not voting for a person but for images of that person. I am not comfortable with the status-quo, and many others with a sense of enlightened self interest are not either. McCain supports too many things that are simply too anti-American for my taste.

Education, he blames the teachers and the unions, not the system and the endless amount political fixes for the problems in education and then supports private education and religious schools. Hardly an American Ideal. Unions and teachers are easy marks for cheap zingers, but the facts are far different. Teaching is more of a calling then a profession, perhaps that is why teachers tolerate the endless criticism from those who have never been in front of a classroom.

Unions are another easy target, after all what is their function but to help those who otherwise would have no voice, to aid these workers in getting a fair shake. Healthcare, America is lagging behind all other modern industrial countries, no we are not talking about socialized medicine.

If we continue to fight the reality of permanent increases in gas and oil we will lag behind even farther. Maybe McCain just has poor advisers, or maybe it is just an attitude that if you support drilling then people will believe the answer is just a wink away.

The new development of green industries means millions of new jobs (over time) but with out the government at least giving the nod to these industries how can they begin to compete in an environment of cushy laws made to favor the few. McCain does not support an increase in the minimum wage, of course for many people these days their primary work is at minimum wage how can they make it with the dollar buying so much less?

Actually I would like to see a candidate take the risk of just telling us where they stand and what they believe and let the cards fall where they may, Americans would probably surprise that honest man. That is once we got over the shock of the honesty.

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More Thoughts on Drilling in my Neighborhood

Oil and Gas
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/8/21 1:20:00 (1630 reads)

As I write this, it is once again nearly 1 am, and I'm going on several days of not-so-good sleep, in part brought on by the recent news that my neighborhood is being prospected for drilling rights in the Barnett Shale.

Up until Saturday at 3pm, if you had asked me whether drilling would come to Lewisville, I would have doubted it and suggested that we are too far East to be affected.

I've been reading a lot about the Barnett Shale over the past couple of years, keeping up with news and blogs, especially by my friend TxSharon at her blog Bluedaze. I am at once both fascinated by the technology of the drilling, and disturbed by the environmental impact.

While natural gas itself, mostly Methane (CH4) burns pretty cleanly, if you look at the entire life-cycle of its exploration, extraction, production, transportation, and waste disposal, you just have to think "We can do better."

So, now after mostly watching from the sidelines and lending moral support as our neighbors to the West fought urban drilling, and strong-arm leasing tactics and general sleaziness of the drilling companies, I am faced with the prospect of it in my neighborhood.

And I find myself trying to figure out which battle to fight:
- The "I want to get paid fairly" battle
- The "Not in our neighborhood" battle
- The "I don't want it, but if I have to, then do it cleanly, and pay me" battle.

For the record, I am not an anti-drilling person. I have no dogmatic beliefs about it being inherently bad. That said, the track record thus far has been poor in the environmental area. I want to be optimistic. I want to believe that with the right contractual terms or local government regulation, a driller would take such care of a drill pad that he would get down on his hands and knees with a spoon and eat the dirt next to the hole, once things are cleaned up.

But I won't hold my breath on that. And I don't think it is that they intentionally pollute. I think it's partly out of ignorance, and partly for expedience by employees that just don't know any better. Yet, in some cases, these wells are treated with chemicals that have no business being let loose in the wild. In that case, I think you have operators that have decided that any lawsuits might be cheaper than just doing the right thing.

And, the thing is that when I talk about this environmental impact, I'm not talking about something far away and abstract, like some distant rural plot with an owner willing to look the other way for lucre. I'm not talking about messing with migration and grazing habits of caribou in Northern Alaska.

What I'm talking about is our very neighborhood, and Lewisville's Central Park. Our brand new Timber Creek Trail, that I am so proud of our city for building will now pass two drill sites. The creek where I went to skip rocks with my kids, and look at tadpoles and fish will catch runoff from these pads, carrying chemicals that may kill off those animals.

One of the few corridors of urban forest in Lewisville will be partially felled for drilling pads. A pipeline easement will be condemned and clear cut of any trees in its path. Neighborhoods that were once separated by lush urban forest will now share a view of a derrick, followed by empty space, and tanks and compressors and such.

It's just depressing to think about how decidedly un-tranquil Central Park would be during drilling. I don't know if birds and squirrels will hang around when there is all that racket. I don't know how neighborhood dogs will react to the noise.

Either way, it won't be the end of the world for me. My drinking water comes from Lewisville Lake. As long as my upstream neighbors don't get too many gas wells, I'll be okay. I don't live right across the street from the drill site. I'll probably be able to sleep at night... (well, at least the noise won't keep me up) My kids might have to take more breathing treatments for their asthma, once we have those diesel engines without emissions controls on them running non-stop, as well as all of the truck traffic. But there probably won't be any more $40,000 hospitalizations.

I guess you could say that I'm a bit skeptical about how this might work out. And though I'm broke as hell right now, and could use the money from that signing bonus, there's no way I'm signing until I have some leverage. Because to me, being a good steward of my land is more important than scoring a few bucks in "easy" money that I might deeply regret later.

Friends, I'd like to hear your thoughts in this thread. We'll try to keep news and reference information elsewhere, and just use this to express yourself.

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NATO Must Embrace Georgia and Ukraine

The Editor's Column
Posted by Trace on 2008/8/20 22:11:26 (1334 reads)

In 1999, three innermost European states that had been behind the Russian "iron curtain" for over half a century were granted membership into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: These countries are Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. That resolution implied the end of the cold war dissection of Europe.

The growth of NATO continued in 2004 Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia formally became members of NATO.
That growth of NATO in 1999 and the in 2004 has extensively contributed to the creation of a zone of stability, peace, prosperity,
and security in Europe. Membership in NATO for many of the new members it is also a bridge to the European Union.

The goal of democratic countries in Europe must be to continue to enlarge the area of freedom. This task is particularly significant for NATO in the context of the Balkan countries, mainly Georgia and Ukraine. Peace and democratic stabilization of these regions is in the interest of all European countries, not only of the members of the alliance. NATO has also, regardless of strategic reasons, a moral obligation to eliminate the relics of post-Yalta division of Europe.

What NATO must do.

1.) NATO must settle the issue of membership of the next three states
(Albania, Croatia, And Macedonia) {It is my understanding as of
this writing that membership was Offered to two of the three
countries Albania and Croatia}

2.) NATO must open up co-operation with Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina
and Montenegro.

3.) NATO must extend membership action plan to Ukraine and Georgia.
Georgia and Ukraine have asked for help. NATO cannot ignore the
request of the leaders of both these countries to tighten their
co-operation with the alliance beyond the existing forms of
co-operation. These states want to become part of Nato`s
membership action plan. It is the obligation of NATO member
states to provide a positive response. NATO should not, and must
not delay.

If this is not done in my opinion;

The political mission of the alliance will suffer painful defeat. It would signal the loss of Nato`s political purpose and significance on the security map of Europe and the world. It would irreversibly lose its stabilizing role. NATO cannot refuse these states their right to Euro-Atlantic integration. NATO cannot leave them in solitude in the face of enormous internal and external pressures. From Russia

Of course, the best way to settle any of this would be the United Nations. However, until the U.N. can really become a court of world opinion not of scandal and lavish lifestyles. Countries will have to keep doing things the old fashion way. I will be the first person to climb on board when the United Nations truly becomes what there charter say;

We the Peoples of the United Nation… United for a Better World

We this happens I will be the first to call for the dismantling on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Don Tracey

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Get Involved! - Rise to Your Higher Self
Posted by mamask8z on 2008/8/20 14:21:58 (1144 reads)

1 hour massage by me, MamaSk8z, to be used before December 31, 2008.
Opening Bid: $20.00

If you are interested in this item, please follow the guidelines and comment to this blog with your bid. If you have any questions, please email jen (at) southwellmassage (dot) com

Bidding open immediately until 8:00 pm Sunday, August 24, 2008.
Good luck, and happy bidding!

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Get Involved! - Rise to Your Higher Self
Posted by mamask8z on 2008/8/20 14:11:46 (916 reads)

1 hour of Spanish tutoring by an University of North Texas professor to be used before December 31, 2008.
Opening Bid: $20.00

If you are interested in this item, please follow the guidelines and comment to this blog with your bid.

Bidding open immediately until 8:00 pm Sunday, August 24, 2008.

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