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2014/8/16 - Flower Mound Presbyterian Church Celebrates 160 Years with Homecoming
2014/8/8 - Former Fire Official Arrested in Fill-the-boot Theft
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2014/9/10 23:24 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/10 20:02 - Re: Letters: Problem with STAAR is Ownership (Anonymous)
2014/9/10 14:55 - Re: Letters: Problem with STAAR is Ownership (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 23:41 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 23:40 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 20:24 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 18:24 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 15:10 - Re: Letters: Problem with STAAR is Ownership (Anonymous)
2014/9/9 8:13 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (WhosPlayin)
2014/9/8 22:52 - Re: LISD Board to Discuss Bus Cameras, Hear LHS Campus In... (Anonymous)
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2014/9/8 17:45 - Re: Updated: Mother Found Shot Dead in Her Lewisville Hom... (Anonymous)
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2014/9/7 9:58 - Re: Letters: Legal Defense Fund Established for Freed (Anonymous)
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2014/9/4 21:26 - Re: Red Light Cameras on Hold in Lewisville (Anonymous)
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Flower Mound's Drinking Liberally

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/15 19:05:44 (1898 reads)

Posting this on behalf of the newly formed chapter of "Drinking Liberally". If you like to imbibe, join like-minded folks from the area and make some friends. And as always, if you're a tee-totaler, come join us at Bahama Bucks in Lewisville each Saturday at 7:30 pm for coffee!

Hello Fellow Liberals,
You are invited to the inaugural meeting of the Flower Mound Chapter of Drinking Liberally this Thursday, 6:30 pm at the Prince Bistro 1121 Flower Mound Rd., #570
Flower Mound, TX 75028
Look for the Drinking Liberally Logo and you will find us.

Come raise your spirits as you raise a pint as America's network of progressive drinking clubs arrives in City. Drinking Liberally is an informal, non-programmatic gathering of like-minded left-leaners, an opportunity to share you ideas while you share a pitcher. You don't need to be a seasoned activist or policy wonk to join us in meeting new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and enjoying a stiff mix of socializing with a dash of politics.

Drinking Liberally has become a fast-growing phenomenon, now offering social space for progressive pint-pourers in 268 locations across America.

America was born in the taverns...and now we're returning to promote democracy one pint a time.

The Revolution begins at Happy Hour.

Just one thing to remember- Drinking Liberally is not affiliated with a political party and does not endorse candidates. For more information go to

See ya there,
Christianna Yarbrough

And from WhosPlayin: Remember that when you drink liberally, please drink responsibly!

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Flower Mound Sued over Drilling Ordinance

Oil and Gas
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/14 22:20:00 (2889 reads)

Red Oak Gas company is suing the Town of Flower Mound because the Town has denied 15 variances to its drilling ordinance:

The Town Council meets in closed session Thursday to decide how to respond to a Denton County lawsuit by Red Oak Gas. The drilling company went to court to appeal the town's Oil and Gas Board of Appeals decision to deny 15 variances needed to drill in a high-profile location.

Red Oak is interested in drilling under 158 acres planned as an upscale development called River Walk at Central Park.

So, let me get this straight: The citizens of Flower Mound, and their elected City Council pass an ordinance to specify certain restrictions such as minimum setbacks for gas drilling. Red Oak Gas thinks they ought to be able to get away with something else, so they ask the town to waive those laws. The Town says "no", and Red Oak thinks they were entitled?

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Michael Burgess Wants a Secret, Unaccountable Government

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/14 21:04:47 (1241 reads)

Republican Playbook: If an aspect of government is broken, and you don't want to fix it:

A) Deny the problem, or
B) Blame somebody else, or
C) Cover it up! (Ding-ding-ding, we have a winner!)

You see, the House overwhelmingly passed H.R. 5811, the "Electronic Message Preservation Act". Here's the CRS Summary:
Electronic Communications Preservation Act - Requires: (1) the Archivist of the United States to promulgate regulations governing agency preservation of electronic communications that are records; (2) agencies to comply with such regulations and to report to the Archivist on their compliance; and (3) the Archivist to report to specified congressional committees on such compliance.

Requires the Archivist to promulgate regulations that include provisions for establishing standards necessary for the economical and efficient management of presidential records during a President's term of office.

Requires the Archivist to: (1) annually certify whether the records management controls established by the President meet this Act's requirements; and (2) report to specified congressional committees on the status of the certification.

Requires the Archivist, one year following the conclusion of a President's term or the conclusion of the last consecutive term, to report to specified congressional committees on: (1) the volume and format of records deposited into that President's archival depository; and (2) whether the records management controls of that President met this Act's requirements.

But I can name that tune in just one sentence:
Get some more damned accountability with regard to the communications made using OUR taxpayer-provided equipment by OUR employees - just like every large corporation in America requires.

The bill passed 286-137, just shy of the 2/3rds majority needed to override a veto. Guess who voted against it? As if you couldn't guess, every Republican representative from Texas, except for Culberson, who faces a strong challenge this November from Michael Skelly. (But, I digress) Every single NO vote was from a scared Republican.

Why would they possibly vote against such a thing? Maybe they don't want more Republican sex scandals coming to light? Maybe they think it's OK for government employment to serve as a revolving door to unethical practices such as the revolving doors between Congress and K street, or government purchasing, and contractors? Maybe they're afraid that some day we'll all find out just who Cheney consulted with before our energy prices went through the roof? Perhaps they want to continue to replace government scientists work with the hackery of unqualified political appointees?

Well, regardless of the real reason, I can tell you what they'll claim is the ostensible reason: The Congressional Budget Office thinks this will cost about $160 million over the first 5 years. Well, if you ask me, $160 MM is a small price to pay for transparency and accountability in a government that slings around billions just like you and I would go to a soda machine. In fact the $160 million is pretty small when you consider the IT budget of the federal government is just about $24 Billion a year. This requirement represents just 3.4% of the federal IT budget.

Many corporations have invested in document archival and search technologies. You can bet your sweet ass that if the Federal government needs to maintain some information on YOU (for instance those recordings of your phone calls, or your federal income tax forms ) they will have NO problem retrieving that information, now will they?

We need this transparency, and it doesn't matter which party is in control. Being accountable to your constituents and requiring good records from our employees is not a Democratic or Republican thing: It's a good management thing, and it's necessary for Democracy.

Michael Burgess has lost touch with that. Maybe it's time for someone to check his emails and see what he's hiding. Don't go deleting anything now, Mike.

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Progressive Blog Roundup

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/13 22:21:08 (1029 reads)

It's Sunday Night, and that means it is time for yet another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance's weekly round-up. This week, we're privileged to bring you some new members of the Texas Progressive Alliance. You'll see them added to the TPA blog roll on the left there soon.

South Texas Chisme got what they were asking for - a spotlight on the Webb County Sheriff's race. BlackBox Voting's Bev Harris has asked for relevant auditable materials. CouldBeTrue can hardly wait to find out what happened.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on the "rail-rage" that's hitting Central Texas, Rail, Rail, Rail - Do It Right, Not Fast.

President Bush hasn't seen Russian President Medvedev since his 'election' to the Russian Presidency. Last week, he had his first opportunity to look into his eyes. Check out McBlogger to see what he saw.

Lightseeker at Texas Kaos tells the chilling tale of Goodhair and the Fire at the Governor's Mansion. Governor Rick Perry didn't light the match, but decisions laid at his door certainly made things a lot easier for the arsonist who did.

The Texas Cloverleaf examines T. Boone Picken's Plan to save us from evil oil men and move forward with greener energy.

Texas Senators Cornfed and Bailey scored a perfect ten in synchronized flip-flopping on the Medicare bill last week, shortly after they and the rest of their Republicans exhibited mirror-image coordination on FISA. PDiddie at Brains and
has the details.

BlueBloggin sees Maliki making the same mistakes as King GeorgeIraq Hands Out Stimulus Money As Us Shifts Occupation.

BossKitty worries about the consequences of revaluing human life in America Dollar Value of American Life drops - Now What?.

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that Senate Democrats have taken a strong stance on calling for reform of the Texas Department of Insurance, with one senator even calling for the Insurance Commissioner to be an elected official.

MeanRachel wonders when politics became unpatriotic on July 4th.

Off the Kuff had a guest post from Rep. Pete Gallego about the HDCC and its efforts to reclaim the State House for the Democrats.

WhosPlayin was impressed that Ken Leach, candidate for U.S. Congress in CD 26 got good coverage in the Gainesville Register, even though his totally honest quote didn't pass the "smell" test.

jobsangertook a look at the lies being told in a McCain campaign ad in .

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I Dig Black Gold

Oil and Gas
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/13 19:40:00 (1645 reads)

OK, so several months back, at the urging of a fellow blogger, TxSharon, I spent a buttload of time researching oil and gas drilling in Texas. Having never been around the industry myself, I thought it good to familiarize myself with what is coming our way, and what the folks in Tarrant and Wise counties are already dealing with.

As far as the environment goes, you don't want one of these wells anywhere near where you live, or where you get your drinking water, livestock, or foodstuffs. TxSharon has done a great job at explaining the dangers, so I'm not going to go into that here.

So for a month or so now, I've been watching this new show "Black Gold" on truTV network. The show follows 3 drilling crews on a mission to drill 3 wells each over the course of 50 days, near Odessa, TX.

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Thoughts on Sunday Morning

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/13 11:09:07 (882 reads)

Damn, it's hot outside. I think it's the 3000% humidity... My back yard is a mess, and it's not helped by that kiddie pool that we bought. The thing developed a leak, then algae grew in what's left. It smells like dog shit. I'm gonna try cleaning it up and patching it. But first, I've got to find a place to put it so that I can mow the yard.

Our weekly Coffee Chat at Bahama Bucks (Saturdays 7:30pm) had a lot more guests than usual. We usually try to keep it social, and with no specific agenda. Always makes for great conversation. A couple of the folks that were there are in the mortgage industry, one of them working in loss mitigation. They thought the Fannie/Freddie thing was probably a bigger deal than what McBlogger was saying.

Yesterday morning, I got up and wrote a blog post that is a total lie. Only if you click one of the links at the bottom, will you get to my disclosure about the nature of the lie. My point was to make a statement about the things we take on faith because we see them in print. I kind of feel bad about it, since the few times I've done creative or fiction writing here, it's been obvious. Yesterday's piece was passed off as truth, with very few hints that it was a fraud.

MamaSk8z and I cleaned up our adopt-a-spot median Friday night, and got about 2 - 3 pounds of trash. Don't be too impressed though, much of the weight was from broken city titties that had been thrown into the median or along the curb. Hmm... I wonder if city titties can be recycled. City titty rock garden, anyone? It just occurred to me that maybe everyone doesn't know what a city titty is: these are the "reflector buttons" glued onto the street to mark lanes.

I decided to accept that job offer, but I have mixed feelings about it still. I'm apprehensive, and still get a little twist in the gut thinking about leaving the company I've been with for 10 years. Things change, though. I'll try to make the best of it.

The past week at work, I only had about 5 billable hours. I spent the rest of the time working on converting a popular open-source program from one version of the OpenEdge ABL (nee Progress 4gl) language to another. Basically it's a program that was written to create PDF files for reports and such, and it was written procedurally. I'm converting it to be object oriented. It's not so much that it needed to be converted, as much as it was that I needed the experience with OO, and I was bored.

I've been watching the progress on the new Timbercreek Trail that the city is putting in to connect the parks. The kids and I went walking down there last week. The Lewisville Leader had a front page article about the progress. Things like that make me proud of our city.

On the flip side though, reading about some of the recent crime in our city has me a little concerned. We have a guy who keeps robbing local drug stores for narcotics. The Leader had another story on that. I really hope they catch the guy, and I wish there were a way for me to help. We had some guys steal an ATM last week in Lewisville too. The police caught one of them.

I signed up for the Citizens Police Academy this past week. It's not that I have any ambition to be a police officer. I just want to get some better understanding of our the department works, and what types of things our officers have to deal with. When I was 20 and younger, I was kind of an asshole. I had friends in high school who liked to raise all sorts of hell, and give the local cops a hard time. They'll do a background check on me for this, and I think what they'll find is that I've been a good boy since I was 21. I've been arrested once, and there's no telling what other shit they might find from my youth. Basically when I got arrested, a friend and I had gone to the shooting range, and I had a pistol that I'd bought from a former Bexar Co. deputy. A policeman came out and checked serial numbers, and that one showed stolen. It was BS though. Some further checks showed it wasn't the same gun. I was no angel though. I guess at that age, I thought I was a lot smarter than everyone, and I was entitled to do whatever in the hell entertained me. For instance, my friends and I once had the bright idea that if we drank beer and fired guns and shot off fireworks 100 feet outside of the city limits, that it would then be legal and nobody could stop us. I wish I could go back and advise my younger self what a stupid idea that was. Anyhow... maybe someday I can help other kids channel their energy in safe and legal ways.

Well, my Mother-in-law just showed up. Time to run. Later!

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NRCC thinks Republicans are Just Gullible. Lies about Fake Poll

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/12 18:16:35 (1813 reads)

The NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) thinks its members are just gullible and stupid. Their "Business Advisory Council" scam never ceases to prove it. Yet another case in point: This recent email sent to their email list, and luckily for us, preserved on their website:

If the President [sic] Election were held today which candidate would you vote for?

        I would vote for John McCain.

        I would vote for Barack Obama.

The National Republican Congressional Committee will compile the results and send them out shortly. So make sure you vote today to have your vote counted!

There are several problems with this kind of "poll", but the most obvious to geeks like me, who actually view source code on crap like this: Both choices have the exact same "link" location, and there is no possible way for the NRCC to "tally" anything. Aside from the grammatical mistake, and obvious sampling bias, they've been caught in a blatant lie.

Take a look at the HTML source code:
If the President Election were held today which candidate would you vote for?<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="">I would vote for John McCain.</a><br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="">I would vote for Barack Obama. </a>

There is no JavaScript or anything else on the page that would have altered the links to be able to register a difference. By the way, if you look in the lower left corner of your browser window, you can usually see the website that a link will take you to before you click it.

So, based on this, I would take away two conclusions:
Democrats: Don't bother trying to register your support for Barack Obama here. If there was any way to game the system, I would have had it programmed already just to screw with them for doing such a stupid poll.

Republicans: Your leadership doesn't really care what you think. They want you to visit their website and send them your hard earned money. It must really suck to be so much lighter in the wallet due to their failed policies and something-for-nothing, borrow-and-waste spending plans, but this really adds insult to injury, doesn't it? Why not join a party that doesn't regularly insult your intelligence?

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Syrians Reprocess Nuke Fuel for Iran? UhOh...

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/12 10:49:24 (1282 reads)

There are some leaked photos going around, obtained from recently defected Syrian nuclear engineers who claim that Syria has been secretly reprocessing spent Iranian nuclear fuel rods to recover Plutonium, deep underground near the Syrian town of Al-Bandini.

The explanation with the pictures claimed that Syria constructed this plant underneath a civilian water treatment plant at Al-Bandini in the Shi'anola' district in order to hide the construction and operation, and deter an Israeli attack on a "humanitarian" target.

The pics have disappeared from various websites nearly as quickly as they were posted, but I was lucky enough to grab some copies, and the information given with them. The technical explanations of the equipment given by the Syrian engineers were hard to understand, but are given in the source. I'm paraphrasing below:

Picture #1: 2 of 3 Syrian Nuclear Engineers in the control room:
Syrian nuclear engineers
If I understand correctly, there were 3 engineers in the picture. The one whose picture is completely redacted was not one of the three to defect. They explain that because spent fuel rods are extremely radioactive, much of the process is remotely operated from this underground control room, 300 feet below the Syrian desert.

Picture #2: Reprocessing Equipment:

If you want to understand what this equipment does, you'll have to read the source, but my understanding is that spent fuel rods are processed mechanically first, removing cladding and such, then chemically by processing with various acids in quantities small and dilute enough so as not to reach criticality. This has something to do with the acid solution.

Picture #3: Plutonium precipitate membranes

Again, I barely understand the chemical process here, but weapons inspectors who have examined the photo above say it's likely this is a stack of separation membranes that somehow "filter plutonium salt precipitates" from neutralized acid solution, "allowing uranium and other transuranic salts to pass in solution".

Picture #4: Uranium waste storage tank.

Supposedly, this is one of the "smoking guns". The engineers claim that uranium waste, after plutonium removal, is being stored temporarily in this tank in a bunker 100 meters underground. The engineers have speculated that the aqueous mix is being used to hydrate concrete blocks, which are being smuggled out of Syria on merchant vessels and dropped on the ocean floor, rather than disposing of them properly.

The link will probably be taken down soon, but I did manage to find a DOD site where a briefing was posted early this morning. {Mirror: UK Post Sun Monitor}

Folks, we need to keep a close eye on this situation and be extremely careful about how we respond. Making sure that our leaders have the correct information is of utmost importance. I don't know why the mainstream media isn't jumping all over this. You'd think the warmongers in the Bush administration would look for any opportunity to link Iran to nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, this appears to be the smoking gun.

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Is the Sky Falling on Fannie and Freddie?

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/11 22:59:18 (987 reads)

So, yesterday afternoon's Wall Street Journal ran an article stating that the Bush Administration was looking at plans to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac if they should become insolvent. Of course, Thursday's WSJ was out on the lawn when I got up this morning and attempted to watch the news without my proper dose of coffee.

Well, CNN made it sound like the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were imminent, and that the Federal Government would step in and back up the $5 trillion in liabilities. Honestly, it made my blood boil just a bit.

As I usually do in these situations, I turned to McBlogger, who is by day a mortgage banker for one of the companies that didn't fold up. He's got a good way of explaining things in a way that is easy for the layman to understand. Heck, I'd bet even John McCain would be able to understand McBlogger if he knew how to work the tubes.

But I digress.

Check out these two postings, and ignore my comments:

- Still not Getting It on the Credit Markets
- Fannie, Freddie in Suicide Pact

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McCain as Dr. Doom

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/7/11 22:29:23 (894 reads)

J-Michael Cabowski was a John McCain supporter in 2000, as was I. I would have gotten my ass out to vote for him in the primary if it would have mattered. Cabowski got out and canvassed for McCain.

In "If Obama is Dr. No, McCain is Dr. Doom" Cabowski talks about McCain's failings in perhaps the top 3 issues: the economy, foreign policy, and general honesty.

"John McCain seems to think calling Barack Obama ‘Dr. No’ is the wittiest label a politician has ever come up with. But, after watching the actions of John McCain this week, it has become clear that he may only make our current situation terrifyingly worse. So, while he may like refer to James Bond villains, McCain need only to pull out a comic book to realize his true self, that of ‘Dr. Doom.’"

He makes some good points. Give it a read if you have some time.

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