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LHS Softball Finishes Season in Second Place with Chins Up

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/6/7 23:00:00 (1950 reads)

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Lewisville Sophomore Caitlynn Godwin (5) sings with her team after winning 3-2 against San Benito in the state semifinals. (Photo by Anthony Mazur)
By Anthony Mazur

After facing some of the most proficient teams throughout the season, the Lewisville High School Softball team overcame their opponents, bringing them straight into the University Interscholastic League State Championship playoffs. The team faced odds and surprises getting into the championship. On April 10th, Lewisville lost to Flower Mound High School, who were subsequently ousted from the playoffs by Keller on May 15th. After defeating Denton Guyer in an intense regional semi-final series, Lewisville shocked the crowds again and despite a tendency to strand runners, beat Keller in the regional finals. The odds didn’t faze junior Lewisville pitcher Maribeth Gorsuch after her victory in the state semifinals.

“Coming into this game, I didn’t think about any other game but this game,” Gorsuch said. “Not tomorrow’s game, not Keller’s game, but this game right here.”

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Lewisville Junior Maribeth Gorsuch (12) pitches the ball in State Championship game against the Katy Tigers.
(Photo by Anthony Mazur)
Prior to Gorsuch’s arrival in 2013, Lewisville had not won a playoff game since 1999. Then as a freshman, Gorsuch elevated Lewisville into UIL 5A champions. While taking some credit, Gorsuch modestly deflects the success and shares it with her team.

“Each and every one of the girls take some of the credit too,” Gorsuch said. We won as a team, we lose as a team. It’s not one person. It’s the whole team.”

The whole team did work hard to return to the state championships, according to Lewisville Head Coach Lori Alexander.

“It was a season full of work,” Alexander said. “Day in and day out, we were at the grind. We knew we could make it back and we did. We gave ourselves a chance to win.”

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Multiple Southbound Interstate 35E Entrance and Exit Ramps in Lewisville Closed Nightly

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/6/6 17:32:17 (936 reads)

Open in new windowLEWISVILLE – The southbound I-35E entrance and exit ramps at F.M. 1171/Main Street, as well as the Valley Ridge Boulevard entrance ramp, will be closed nightly from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday, June 8 through Saturday, June 13.

Detours are as follows:

  • Detour for the southbound I-35E entrance ramp at F.M. 1171/Main Street: Traffic will continue south on the frontage road to the southbound I-35E entrance ramp at Fox Avenue.

  • Detour for the southbound I-35E exit ramp at F.M. 1171/Main Street: Traffic will exit I-35E at Valley Ridge Boulevard and continue south on the frontage road to F.M. 1171/Main Street.

  • Detour for the southbound I-35E entrance ramp at Valley Ridge Boulevard: Traffic will continue south on the frontage road to the southbound I-35E entrance ramp at F.M. 1171/Main Street.

  • Please note, these ramp closures will not take place simultaneously. Law enforcement will be present to assist with traffic control. These closures are needed to set concrete barriers on the ramps.

    This work is related to the 35Express project, an expansion of I-35E between U.S. Highway 380 in Denton County and I-635 in Dallas County. All closures are subject to weather conditions and may be postponed, if necessary.

    For more information on the 35Express project and to sign up to receive text alerts, please visit or call 214-483-7777.

    From a submitted report.

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A-Train Update: Regular Service Next Week

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/6/6 15:36:11 (561 reads)

Open in new windowFrom Denton County Transportation Authority:

On Saturday, June 6, the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) will continue to operate standard A-train service between the Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC) and Old Town Station in Lewisville. A bus bridge has been established to provide service from Old Town Station, and the Hebron Station to Trinity Mills Station in Carrollton. All bus bridge services will pick up and drop off near the platform at each station.

A-train Service Update for Week of June 8
The water levels have receded and DCTA has conducted the necessary assessment of the rail line. The agency is actively repairing portions of the track impacted by the flood waters and plans to operate regular A-train service early next week.

Related Story:
- DCTA Suspends A-Train Service Due to Flooding - 5/30/2015

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Updated: Pro Watercross Tour at Lake Park Cancelled

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/6/6 1:00:00 (1632 reads)

Update - 6/6/2015:
The Pro Watercross Tour’s Liberty Cup event scheduled for July 17-19 at Lewisville Lake has been cancelled due to historically-high water levels.

Unprecedented rainfall in May led to the lake swelling to a historic high of 537.02 feet. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, it may take a couple of months for the water level to fall to normal. The lake is closed to boaters in order to survey damage and ensure lake safety before allowing boaters back in the water.

As of this morning, Lewisville Lake was at 535.47 feet, or about three and a half feet feet over the top of the spillway. Lewisville Lake had been closed to boating for a week, but just reopened.

Original Story:

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Recreational personal watercraft riders on Lewisville Lake this summer. On most summer weekends, you can see dozens of Jet Skis and Sea-Doos jumping the waves around Lake Park. (Photo by LTJ)
Pro Watercross Tour will make its first visit to North Texas when the popular personal watercraft racing circuit comes to Lewisville Lake in 2015 under an agreement with Lewisville Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

The event, being called “The Liberty Cup,” will be held July 17-19 at Lewisville Lake Park with an opening-day Corporate Challenge followed by two days of professional racing. Competitors will contend for cash and other prizes and earn points toward the overall tour championship.

“Lewisville Lake is a tremendous tourism asset and we’re always looking for ways to bring more visitors and activity to the lake,” said Lewisville CVB Director James Kunke. “The Pro Watercross Tour is a great opportunity for us and we’re excited to bring such a high-profile event to the area.”

The annual Pro Watercross Tour visits lakes and beaches across the country each summer. It is the featured national tour for personal watercraft racing, combining the finest professional and amateur athletes in the United States and internationally for extreme racing on challenging closed courses. Tour events draw hundreds of spectators on site, plus thousands more for national television and online video broadcasts.

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Cobra Brewing Company – A Hidden Jewel in Old Town Lewisville

The Flip Side Revisited
Posted by kjudk1955 on 2015/6/5 22:40:45 (1311 reads)
The Flip Side Revisited

Open in new windowOpen in new windowBy Ken Judkins

Having grown up in a very dry Lewisville, it has been refreshing to see my hometown change its attitude toward alcoholic beverages over the past few years from being seemingly driven by Baptists to the enlightened local laws we have today.

Full disclosure: I grew up a Baptist. I was just not a very good one.

We have gone from being dry as a bone to having actual full-service bars without the need for cursory membership cards, and recently even full-fledged liquor stores. We also have a distillery (I plan for this to be the subject of a future post).

And as of a year and a half ago, we have our very own brewery in town. It’s a really good one, too.

Cobra Brewing Co. sits in a small warehouse-type building in Old Town Lewisville at 146 Whatley Avenue, at the corner of Kealy and Whatley, just east of Mill Street. But don’t let the warehouse designation fool you. This is a warm, intimate, and sometimes lively place that provides a great gathering place for friends and family during the two times per week its doors are open to the public.

Cobra is a business created and owned by a tight-knit family that consists of Bill Shaw, his wife Sharon, their son-in-law Neil MacCuish, and his wife Danielle. Three of the four were there the night I visited in anticipation of writing this post (all except Sharon) and they could not have been more friendly or accommodating. In fact, I’ve now visited the brewery a number of times and that is exactly how I’ve observed them treating all their customers.

Cobra Brewing is as grassroots as a business can be. None of the family had prior commercial brewing experience. Bill has been a home-brewer for years. He still maintains his white collar day job, while overseeing the brewery’s business in the evenings and on weekends. Neil is also primarily an evening and weekend Brewmaster. Amazingly, he learned brewing from his father, who was also a home brewer. Tasting the incredibly wide varieties and high qualities of beers that Neil has created, it is obvious that he is not just a natural at his craft, but nothing short of a genius.

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