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2008 Primary Early Voting Locations

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/11 20:52:03 (7179 reads)

Note: Early voting for the 2008 Primary is now over.

If you have not yet voted, you must now vote on March 4 at your Election Day Polling Location!

March 4, 2008 Primary Election

Early Voting Dates, Times and Locations


Before Election Day, you may vote at any of the following convenient locations. On Election Day, however, you must vote at the location at which your precinct is assigned. You may also check your voting location by calling 940-320-VOTE. You may call the Denton County Democratic Party at 940-566-1165 if you do not know your precinct number. Or, you may use the convenient Voter Registration Search to determine your precinct.

Early voting by personal appearance will be conducted at the following locations, dates and times ONLY:

February 19 - 22....................................8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
February 23...........................................7:00a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
February 24...........................................1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
February 25 - 29.....................................7:00a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

For your convenience, we have provided pictures and maps of the buildings.

Aubrey Community Center
408 N. Main Street
Roanoke Community Center
312 S. Walnut Street
Frankford Town Homes
18110 Marsh Lane
Joseph A. Carroll Building
401 W. Hickory
Denton City Hall
215 E. McKinney
Justin Municipal Building
415 N. College
Highland Village Municipal Complex
1000 Highland Village Road
Highland Village
Lake Dallas City Hall
212 Main Street
Lake Dallas
Lewisville Municipal Annex
1197 W. Main Street

Carrollton Public Library
4220 N. Josey

The Colony Government Center
6301 Main Street
The Colony

The following early voting locations will ONLY be open the dates and times listed:

February 19.............................8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.Sanger First Baptist Church
708 S. 5th Street
February 20.............................8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
February 21 - 22.......................8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
February 23.............................7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
February 25 - 26.......................7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
February 27.............................7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
February 28 - 29.......................7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
February 20.............................8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Flower Mound Police and Court Building
4150 Kirkpatrick
Flower Mound
February 22.............................8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
February 23.............................7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
February 24.............................1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
February 25 - 29.......................7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
February 28 - 29.......................7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.Trophy Club MUD
100 Municipal Drive
Trophy Club

More about the Texas Democratic Primary - Who are we voting for?

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WhosPlayin Calendar

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/11 15:47:28 (715 reads)

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Texas Progressive Blog Roundup

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/10 22:44:17 (929 reads)

It's Sunday Night, and that means it is time once again for the Texas Progressive Alliance Weekly Blog Round-Up. This week's round-up, compiled by TXsharon from Bluedaze.

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News
urges Texans to NOT give to veterans by mail. At least not without some investigation. Read about the fake veteran's charities scam supported by Republicans in Cheating Charitable Givers and Veterans.

Mayor McSleaze at McBlogger takes some time out of his busy schedule to ask a few important questions of Michael Moore and our friends at MoveOn.Org.

What is Congress to do?! The Texas Cloverleaf looks at how the Bush administration continues to ignore the US House and hurt Texas, in it's blatant disregard of the Congressional order to end the DOT's plan for Mexican trucks in America.

Plastic bags are now extinct in Ireland. TXsharon at Bluedaze wants to know why the U.S. can't do the same.

How much was the Katy Freeway expansion in Houston supposed to cost? Off the Kuff digs through some story archives to show that what TxDOT is saying now about initial cost estimates is not what it was saying then.

Open Source Dem at Brains and Eggs comments on the possibility of brokered conventions in both Austin and Denver this summer, and how the March 4 primary in Texas will clarify -- or muddy -- the outlook.

CouldBeTrue at South Texas Chisme cautions reasonable people to be wary about arguing over that d*mn fence! Republicans are building a monument to racism and fear not trying to solve any problems with a coherent policy.

Hal has a a couple of postings this week at Half Empty, this one is the main event, a new theory on whether there is a new canary about to sing to the Feds about Tom DeLay's past indiscretions, and this one is about some motivation for that.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson has this wrap up from last week's hearings on TxDOT at the capitol, Without Williamson, TxDOT Becomes Scapegoat.

Phillip Martin at Burnt Orange Report has done an exhaustively comprehensive analysis of how Texas hybrid primary/caucus system works, as well as looked at some of the politics of each of Texas' 31 Senate Districts that will award delegates on March 4. Read the two-part series here: Part 1 (caucus explanation) and Part 2 (delegate analysis).

BossKitty at BlueBloggin looks into Customs:
“Hand Over That Cell Phone, iPod & Laptop”
and just how intrusive the government has become putting travelers and their company's private information at risk.

As we get ever nearer to the most important Texas primary in recent memory, The Texas Blue thinks potential prognosticators should keep five things in mind when it comes to making predictions.

In addition to a ton of Texas presidential race coverage, Vince at Capitol Annex reveals that State Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford) has taken an illegal contribution from an energy lobbyist.

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Scouting for Food this Saturday in Lewisville

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/8 20:13:03 (1250 reads)

If you live in the Lewisville, TX area and your door-bell rings this Saturday morning, (2/9/2008) please open your door and open your pantry for the Cub Scouts of Pack 729. (among others)

All across the area, Scouts in uniform will be going door-to-door to collect donations of canned goods and shelf-stable items for the less fortunate. All donations from Lewisville will be distributed by Christian Community Action (CCA).

Please help us teach these young boys the virtue of charitable works.

What: Scouting for Food
Who: Boy Scouts of America - Longhorn Council - Pack 729 (and others)
Where: YOUR FRONT DOOR: Most neighborhoods in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Coppell, Little Elm, and The Colony
When: Saturday, Feb. 9th, 2008 - 9 AM to 1 PM

Q & A:
What if I'm not going to be home, or I'm going to sleep in?
Place non-perishable non-glass items on your front porch. If there are items on your porch, the boys won't ring your doorbell.

What if the scouts don't show up?
You may take your food donations to CCA's donation center on Mill St. in Lewisville. Some area Tom Thumb stores may also have donation barrels.

What about cash?
The charities AND the scouting organizations would be happy to take your cash, but please don't leave it out on your porch, or hand it to a kid. Contact CCA or your local Boy Scouts chapter for more information.

What items do you need the most?
Anything non-perishable is gratefully accepted, but the following items are "golden:"

- Diapers
- Baby Food
- Toilet Paper
- Personal Hygiene Items
- Soups
- Unsweetened Cereals
- Chicken Broth
- Canned Pasta
- Condiments

More from the Lewisville Leader...

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Guide to Texas Delegate Selection & Primary System

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/8 10:15:12 (2544 reads)

Anna Topia has a good writeup on
how the Texas Democratic Party will select delegates for the presidential nominee:

Texas has a primary/caucus/convention delegate selection process. 228 delegates are up for grabs. The Lone Star Project states that "126 delegates will be assigned based on primary results...67 are determined through a convention process." Visit that link for a further breakdown of the numbers, and make sure to keep your eyes on Burnt Orange Report over the next few days, as they're working up some posts analysing the numbers. I won't focus on those numbers in this post, but rather, the process.

Our primaries are open. Anyone who is registered to vote in Texas can participate in the primary and caucuses. In addition, since we do not have "hard party registration", voters are allowed to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary, but not both. It's either/or.

Now, which ever party's primary ballot you pick (D or R) is the one you are eligible to caucus for. So, for example, you can't vote in the Republican primary and try to caucus with the Dems, and vice versa.

Our caucus/convention system has three teirs: precinct level, senate district level, and state level.

The first caucuses are held at the precinct level. You'll most likely caucus where you cast your primary vote. If not, your caucus location should be posted at your polling place. The caucuses are run by the elected precinct chairs. Most caucus locations host multiple precincts. If there is no elected precinct chair for your caucus, you'll wait for the other caucus to finish and that precinct chair will help run your caucus. If you have no precinct chair, one may be elected on caucus night. The number of delegates allocated to each precinct is based on voter turnout in the last Gubernatorial election. The more people who voted in your precinct, the more delegates you get allocated to move on to the Senate District convention (the 2nd part of this three-tier process).

Read the rest...

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Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/7 22:29:46 (1971 reads)

Goodbye Mitt. Your final speech perfectly illustrates why the majority of Republicans have by and large dumped you and your radical right-wing supporters in talk radio, in favor of someone they view as - frankly, less extreme.

Realizing he wouldn't be able to buy or lie his way into the presidency:

"If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or (Barack) Obama would win," he said. "And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror."

Fear mongering to the end, eh? You're a putz. You are entitled to your opinion, but you're not entitled to define mine, or Hillary Clinton's, or Barack Obama's. There's absolutely nothing about the position of the majority of Americans that we ought to look for an expedient way to get out of the Iraq quagmire that indicates any surrender.

You know what I think? I think you are just about as bad as Rudy Giuliani, with his 9/11 Tourette's syndrome. Most importantly, you lost because you couldn't define what you were for. Your entire campaign was defined around what you were against. America won on Tuesday by rejecting your negativity.

Brains and Eggs has a pretty good writeup about this.

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One of "Jena 6" back in trouble

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/7 22:03:19 (1004 reads)

From the Lewisville Leader:

The Carrollton Police Department arrested Hebron High School student Bryant Purvis following an incident Wednesday in which he was accused of assaulting another student.

Purvis was one of six students known as the Jena 6 who were accused of assaulting a white student in Jena, La. in 2006 before moving to Carrollton.

Lewisville ISD spokesman Dean Tackett said Purvis, 19, will face the same disciplinary action at school as any other student in this situation would, which is a three-day suspension and seven to 10 days at the Lewisville Learning Center.

“If this was a scuffle, the police wouldn’t have gotten involved,” Tackett said. “But, the police get involved when it’s an assault.”

Tackett said this is the only incident Purvis has had at Hebron that he’s aware of.

This is a good example of why it's important to separate the Jena case - which was an alleged inequity in justice between white students and black students - from the actors. Some made it a point to defend the actors and almost elevate them to hero status. I remember watching the coverage and anticipating a backlash.

Of course being arrested doesn't equate to guilt. Just sayin'...

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On the political front...

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by coop on 2008/2/7 0:04:52 (1069 reads)

Editor's note: Coop is one of WhosPlayin's former co-workers, blogging here as a guest to offer a different perspective.

Well, I actually thought I had some political brains but apparently not. I was semi ready to root for Giuliani but he just rolled right of the mat without a fight. I thought he had a real chance. I heard a rumor that he gave up do to health problems. I heard he had to turn his plan around recently b/c "he wasn't feeling well". You don't turn a plane around for an upset stomach.

All the hub bub about morals and multiple marriages... I really don't care what the guy does in his personal life as long as he is a good strong leader and President.

Looks like as far as the Repubs go were stuck with McCain which I don't think is all that bad. The far right (Rush Limbaugh) is all upset with him because he cooperated with Democrats in the past. Is this a bad thing? Just because he worked with some Dems he is the enemy? I think a little more cooperation would be a good thing. After all, isn't the whole idea of a two party system to balance things out, checks and balances and all that? The two parties have been at each others throat for years now. I don't think it used to be quite this ugly but maybe I am wrong. Seems to have started when the Repubs went on an all out assault on Clinton.

I'm convinced that nothing really is going to change anyway. Does it ever? Well, I guess Bush stirred things up pretty good, and not in a good way.

I think were going to be stuck with Obama for the Dems. I don't think we're ready for a woman (especially Hillary) and probably not ready for a black President either so the Dems have just complete blown their own foot off.

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What the hail?

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/5 18:26:37 (899 reads)

Either I've finally and totally lost my mind, or I just got hailed on in February. First we had an unseasonably warm weekend. Just now on the way home from work, I was sitting at a traffic light here in Lewisville and started seeing little white peas slamming into the cars in front of me. As the light turned green, I drove on through the intersection and my car took a few light hits. After a few blocks, the hail turned into big rain droplets, which turned into a shower.

Is it the day after tomorrow yet?

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Burgess Votes Against Stimulus Package

The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/5 13:19:58 (1577 reads)

U.S. Representative Michael Burgess (R - TX 26) recently was one of only 35 to vote against the economic stimulus package (H.R.5140) and had very little to say about it. Here's the whole statement:

Tax relief and tax incentives are important tools that can help stimulate economic growth. But, they shouldn’t do so at the expense of current or future generations of Americans.

The $150 billion spending bill, which we were given very little time to review, will worsen the deficit and will have little effect in the near term. There are better ways to boost the economy than by piling on additional debt. That’s why I did not support the stimulus package today.

So, did Burgess offer any answers? Nope. Perhaps he's waiting on the Republican Study Group to give him talking points? Or maybe he can't be bothered with worrying about whether his rank-and-file constituents will be able to pay their mortgages.

If it were anyone else, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that perhaps they were holding out because the bill had too many ineffective tax cuts, and not enough short-term high bang-for-the-buck things like increasing food stamp payments and unemployment.

But since it was Burgess, I have to assume that he was too worried about the multi-millionaires that some years hence will die and have to pay estate tax. I'm just waiting for Burgess to come out and say that. I'd almost put money on it that Burgess believes eliminating the estate tax will somehow spur the economy.

Of course, it would be dead wrong - and the economists agree. But he's never one to let reason and logic get in the way of his preconceived notions.

For what it's worth, I wasn't entirely happy with the stimulus package either. And I'm not at all happy that Burgess' personal hero, President Bush, and the rest of the Republican leadership have driven our economy into the state it's in. This has been a very short business cycle, and long term unemployment has been about 150% higher than it has been historically for this part of the cycle. Under President Bush and a Republican Congress, all sense of economic parity and security went out the window.

I could have respected it more if Burgess had given some good reasoning for why he rejected the bill, but I find it hard to believe that after voting for pork all these years, and writing blank checks for endless war that ultimately lowers our national security, that he would somehow suddenly care about deficits.

I suppose if you're a member of the moneyed aristocracy, and your wealth is all inherited, you have little need to worry about stimulus. You might have to downgrade to a smaller private jet. A little belt-tightening - yes sir. For those of us that work for a living to earn a paycheck in an increasingly unstable and outsourced economy, I'd like to know what our elected officials plan to do.

I've contacted Burgess' office for more details.

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