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2014/12/18 - LISD Board Names Dr. Kevin Rogers as Interim Superintendent
2014/12/17 - Islamic Flag at Lewisville Home Raises Eyebrows
2014/12/15 - Online Fundraiser for Lewisville Firefighter Electrocuted on Duty
2014/12/13 - Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays
2014/12/13 - GLCT Performing Two Shows in December
2014/12/13 - MCL Grand to Host 3 Redneck Tenors - Dec. 31st, Jan 2nd, 3rd
2014/12/13 - Upcoming Events Around Lewisville and the Surrounding Area
2014/12/10 - Updated: Police Identify, Arrest Additional Suspects in Home Invas...
2014/12/8 - Updated: Flower Mound Robbery, Lewisville Carjacking - Three Caugh...
2014/12/7 - Santa to Begin Annual Tour of Lewisville with Firefighters
2014/12/5 - Upcoming Events Around Lewisville and the Surrounding Area
2014/12/4 - Holiday Yard of the Month Nominations Sought
2014/12/4 - FBI Puts Capital Murder Suspect Yaser Abdel Said on Ten Most Wante...
2014/12/3 - Organizations With Holiday Collections for Kids
2014/12/2 - Texas Public Schools: What is the First Objective?
2014/12/2 - Lewisville Police and Fire Radio - Live Feed
2014/12/1 - Lewisville Council Approves Agreement with UNT for LLELA Funding
2014/11/28 - Updated: Lewisville Police Release Name of Carjacker Shot Wednesda...
2014/11/27 - Thankful for Lewisville PD
2014/11/27 - Stuff to be Thankful For
2014/11/26 - Updated: Violent Car Thief Shot by Police After High Speed Chase
2014/11/26 - Shooting at RaceTrac on FM 3040
2014/11/25 - Updated: Lewisville Police Report Several Armed Robberies Over the...
2014/11/23 - Matthew Grimm to Perform in Lewisville on Sunday, November 30th
2014/11/23 - Sunday Morning Update - Friendsgiving Edition
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2014/12/19 0:56 - Re: Islamic Flag at Lewisville Home Raises Eyebrows (Anonymous)
2014/12/18 23:31 - Re: Islamic Flag at Lewisville Home Raises Eyebrows (Anonymous)
2014/12/18 6:09 - Re: Updated: Violent Car Thief Shot by Police After High ... (Anonymous)
2014/12/17 19:38 - Re: Islamic Flag at Lewisville Home Raises Eyebrows (Anonymous)
2014/12/17 15:53 - Re: Islamic Flag at Lewisville Home Raises Eyebrows (Anonymous)
2014/12/17 11:02 - Re: Islamic Flag at Lewisville Home Raises Eyebrows (Anonymous)
2014/12/16 20:59 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/16 1:55 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/15 21:53 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/13 19:52 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/13 17:39 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/8 0:20 - Re: Thankful for Lewisville PD (Anonymous)
2014/12/6 16:19 - Re: Holiday Stroll Planned in Old Town Lewisville on Dece... (jbcglc)
2014/12/4 20:50 - Re: Updated: Lewisville Police Release Name of Carjacker ... (Anonymous)
2014/12/2 2:51 - Re: Fox Hembry Cleanup Recap (Anonymous)
2014/11/29 1:04 - Re: Updated: Lewisville Police Release Name of Carjacker ... (Anonymous)
2014/11/24 15:33 - Re: LISD Superintendent Dr. Waddell Announces January Ret... (Anonymous)
2014/11/24 14:58 - Re: LISD Superintendent Dr. Waddell Announces January Ret... (Anonymous)
2014/11/24 14:43 - Re: LISD Superintendent Dr. Waddell Announces January Ret... (Anonymous)
2014/11/24 14:26 - Re: LISD Superintendent Dr. Waddell Announces January Ret... (Anonymous)
2014/11/24 12:43 - Re: Woman Mugged at Gunpoint Sunday Night at Lewisville G... (Anonymous)
2014/11/23 15:23 - Re: LISD Superintendent Dr. Waddell Announces January Ret... (Anonymous)
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Barak Obama Rally in Ft. Worth

Posted by mamask8z on 2008/2/28 9:18:46 (888 reads)

I just signed up to attend a free rally with Barack Obama in Ft. Worth this Thursday, February 28th.

You can RSVP here:

I thought you might want to come. Here are the details:

WHEN: Thursday, February 28th
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Program begins at 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Fort Worth Convention Center
1201 Houston Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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More Obama Video

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/27 22:31:13 (976 reads)

Sorry folks, I know it seems like this website has turned into the Obama channel. I assure you that the Obama Channel is CNN. Our friend Stephen Webster attended the Obama rally last week in Dallas and sent this footage:

Oh, and just in case you are one of the 4 people in America left who hasn't seen this video: You've gotta watch. It's got super-babe Kate Walsh (Addison on Grey's Anatomy) in it too:

And then there's this one that Annatopia put together:Music: "Gotta Work" by Amerie

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Noooooo! Please don't go! TJ Hartford's shut down.

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/26 21:06:51 (3384 reads)

MamaSk8z just got it on good authority that our favorite Friday night hangout here in Lewisville - T.J. Hartford's Grill and Bar has closed!

I went to check out their website and it was down.

This restaurant, owned by CEC Entertainment (Chuck E. Cheese's) was a great place to take your kids. They have - had (can't get used to past tense) a 5 cent gameroom where your kids could run off and go play while the parents eat and drink.

The place was always busy when we went there. What in the hell happened?

I am bummed!

CEC Entertainment's website didn't have any sort of news posted about the closure(s), but their stock was up $.42 today. Their 4th quarter 2007 report said:

Richard M. Frank, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated that, "We believe sales and operating results in the 2007 fiscal year were negatively impacted by pressures on consumer disposable income. Although disappointed by the sales trend in 2007, we continue to believe our strategies will positively impact sales and earnings, and over the long-term will deliver an excellent experience for our guests and solid performance for our shareholders."
(emphasis mine)

Today, the Chairman and CEO, Richard Frank, reported that he sold more than half a million dollars of stock in the company.

If anyone has the story, please enlighten us.

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It Takes A Team

Get Involved! - Rise to Your Higher Self
Posted by mamask8z on 2008/2/26 15:40:40 (1082 reads)

Well look at this! We now have 4 members to our team, "Cruisin' Caddys." Yea! I have a tent-mate! I was a litte worried that I'd be stuck by myself. yea Belinda!

I think we're off to a good start. Here it is February and we're already planning our first fundraiser. Team Crusin' Caddys will be having a garage sale on Saturday, March 8, 2008. I still don't have an exact time for y'all, but will post when I do.

Also in the works, Tracy and myself are planning on participating in the Getting Started meeting on March 6 in The Colony. So if any of you readers out there are doing the 3-Day and going to that meeting, come say hi. Maybe, if you don't have a team yet, you can attach yourself to us. :) I'm really looking forward to that event as it should give pointers on training.

Speaking of training... Mama needs some new shoes!

That is all.

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Events Calendar - February/March 2008

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/26 13:21:27 (2576 reads)

WhosPlayin presents this calendar of community events for those in the Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village area of Denton County Texas:

About the events calendar:

This calendar is a community service of WhosPlayin, hosted by Google. It's only as complete as you help me keep it. If you have events that you would like publicized, please send them along, or post them as comments.

What kind of Events?
We're interested in posting any type of event that would be of general interest to WhosPlayin readers in the Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village areas of Denton County, Texas. Examples:
- Holidays
- Elections and governmental events
- Political Events
- Cultural Events (Plays, Concerts, etc.)
- Sporting Events
- Community Festivals
- Charitable Events and Fundraisers

Send your calendar events to the webmaster at or post them as comments here.

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What to nuke? Need suggestions...

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/25 9:13:40 (895 reads)

This weekend, I replaced our 21 year old microwave with a new model. I thought it would be fun to creatively destroy the old one by microwaving some various fun stuff and video-taping it.

Here are a few of the things I thought of:
- Lightbulbs?
- Clock radio?
- Whole eggs?
- Cigarette lighter?

If you have any fun ideas, post them. I'll do as many as I can before the microwave is destroyed.

Nothing that creates hazardous waste though, please! I don't want a new superfund site at my house in Lewisville.

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Y'all Come Buy My Stuff!

Get Involved! - Rise to Your Higher Self
Posted by mamask8z on 2008/2/24 22:09:46 (875 reads)

It's time to fund-raise for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. My team, "Cruisin' Caddys", will be having a garage sale March 8 in our neighborhood in south Lewisville. Specifics to come within the next week. Come by, check our our goodies and take some home with you. Remember, all proceeds go to the Breast Cancer 3-Day! Monetary donations are gratefully accepted.

But in the meantime, go DONATE and give as much as you'd like.

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Texas Progressive Blog Roundup

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/24 21:22:10 (1086 reads)

It's Monday, and exactly one week and one day before the all-important March primary. This week's round-up is compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex.

TXsharon has a broken modem so Bluedaze is suffering but she managed to post about The RRC's approval of Atmos Energy's extravagant spending--bendover Texans. Also read about howPhil King meets Karma in Wise County and hear the horrendous sounds of the Barnett Shale.

Off the Kuff offers his incomplete list of endorsements for the Democratic primaries, and for his birthday rounds up his complete list of candidate interviews.

Gary at Easter Lemming Liberal News has blogged an eventful week or two climaxing with Paul Burka becoming a believer in the Obama Borg - Democrats can take back Texas. Wow.

Over at McBlogger Mayor McSleaze commemorates Kirk Watson's Deer In The Headlights Moment while McBlogger, beverage in hand, watches the Debate and puts the smackdown on wingnuts still drinking the school voucher Kool-Aid

The Texas Cloverleaf makes it back safely from Oklahoma City and discusses the National Stonewall Democrats meeting there, as well as the upcoming LGBT Presidential Town Hall in Dallas on Monday night.

PDiddie at Brains and Eggs had a report on Obama's visit to Houston last Tuesday, and also noted the end of the Fidel Castro era in Cuba. Open Source Dem had part three of his "Texas in Play" series, entitled "Jim Crow Lives".

Hal, who writes Half Empty, went to early vote last Wednesday and has some poll observations and some Fort Bend County stats.

Bill Howell of StoutDemBlog reminds us of some Texas election history that is relevant for this year's Democratic Primary, in Don't Be Confused By Names.

Muse was at the Bill Clinton fundraiser in Houston this week where she fulfilled a lifelong dream to touch him – handshake! She notes that not all college students are for Obama – witness the Daily Texan endorsement for Hillary. And, she receives an email where Obama encourages Republicans to crash the Democratic primary, to vote against the bad, scary Hillary. More Hillary stuff coming this week on musings!

WhosPlayin tries to explain the "Obama Movement", and has a run-down of which Texas blogs are endorsing Clinton or Obama.

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that the Texas Democratic Party has instructed county and precinct officials not to interpret election results for the media or political campaigns, and asks if national Democrats will still respect us (or call or visit) after March 4.

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Cool new Obama Mashup Video

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/24 20:35:14 (1200 reads)

Annatopia did this:

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How you can help

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/2/22 18:24:04 (1173 reads)

Over the past week, I've been floored with the number of people I've never met before who have become active in Democratic politics in support of their favorite presidential candidate. They want to help, and I want to put them to work, and not lose them after the election.

This posting is for you, the Obama or Clinton supporter who is new to the scene. I want to help you help your candidate and your party.

First, welcome. Whether or not you believe exactly the same as I do, or support the same candidate as I do, your energy and enthusiasm is valued.


Early voting is going on right now. Read about the other contested Democratic Races first, make up your mind, and go vote.

Your Candidate Needs to Know Who You Are

The best way to get involved is to seek out the campaign and let them know that you exist. Go to the website of your candidate and sign up!

The campaign will keep you informed with emails, and may solicit your help.

Obama: Sign Up
Clinton: Sign Up

Local Groups Need to Know You

Both Clinton and Obama have local groups. By signing up for local groups, you can exchange emails with groups of like-minded supporters. They'll share event information, and you'll get invitations to rallies, house parties, etc. You'll get to know other active Democrats in your area.

Find a Group
Meetups near Lewisville

Find a Group
Lewisville, TX

Your County Party Needs to Know You

Your local Democratic Party operates all year, not just in Presidential election years. If you live in Texas, and especially Denton County, you need to know what's going on in your local politics. It may not make the news nearly as much as the national issues do, but that's just a reason to be more worried. Your county Democratic party needs your support to carry out their mission of finding and electing qualified Democrats to all level of offices.

Find your local County Democratic Party
Denton County Democratic Party

What you want to do here is find out who your precinct chair is for your neighborhood. If there is not one, you may be interested in doing the job. If there is one, you should contact them and make yourself known.

Your precinct chair may not be explicitly endorsing your candidate, but even so, they're charged with turning out the Democratic vote. They'll need block captains to help get out the message about ALL of our eventual candidates for 2008, including your local U.S. Representative (All 435 are up for re-election) and a U.S. Senator (in Texas and most other states).


Now that you're connected, there are MANY ways to volunteer. I'll list just a few:
- Host a house party for a candidate
- Put a sign in your yard
- Make get-out-the-vote (GOTV) calls on behalf of your Precinct Chair, or one of the campaigns (Presidential or otherwise)
- Volunteer to work in the local party office or a candidate's office
- Help organize others. Start a local group if there isn't one. Help connect people who are supporters but are not yet in a group.
- Offer to set up or clean up after a local event.
- Offer to carpool to a local event
- Ask your Precinct Chair about block-walking and literature distribution.
- Write a blog or a letter to the editor about why you support your candidate of choice. Keep it positive and avoid bashing other Democrats.
- Be a block captain
- Make copies of campaign literature, or use your laser printer and toner to help out.
- Order a bunch of campaign swag from one of the campaign stores and hand it out to people you know.
- Ask if your local party needs help working the polls.
- Stuff envelopes for your favorite campaign or your local party
- Wear apparel supporting your candidate.
- Put a bumper sticker on your car
- Get a "sandwich" sign and walk around near your early voting or polling location to support your candidate and/or bring voters in.
- Get in touch with a local nursing home and ask if they need help getting voters to the polls.
- Contact your County elections administrator and get deputized as a volunteer deputy voter registrar. Then you can register people to vote.
- Let your friends and family know who you're supporting. You'll be surprised how many allies you'll find.

Don't Give Up!

You may find that your local Democratic Party is not well equipped to put its volunteers to work yet. You may have noticed that this year, our voters are more enthusiastic than ever. In Denton County alone, our voter turnout in Democratic Primaries is up over 1,200%. It's not that they don't want your help - they do; it's just that they're not necessarily organized for it.

If you volunteer and somebody doesn't immediately put you to work, try again. Call them. Email them. Bug them until they find something you can do that you don't mind doing. Contact a different club in your area. Contact a different group for the same candidate. Contact a candidate in a lower-level race.

Show up at the Caucus

Your vote at the primaries only counts for 65% of the total. Your candidate and your party needs you to come to the caucus at your election-day polling location (not necessarily the same as your early voting location) at 7 pm to caucus. Bring your proof that you voted in the Democratic primary, and sign in for the candidate of your choice.

Go to the County Convention

Each precinct has a certain number of delegates for each candidate that it can send to the county convention on behalf of that candidate. Volunteer to go to your county's Democratic Convention as a delegate for your candidate. Who knows, you might get to go to the Texas or National conventions.

Stay in Touch

If we want to win local elections, we need to stick together, even after this primary election and the Democratic nomination are decided. Your city, county, state, and country needs you to stay engaged. Consider joining your local Democratic club or County party and attending monthly gatherings of like-minded people. Join an email list or two. Read some excellent Texas Progressive Blogs

I hope this has been helpful. If you have questions you want answered, or if I've been a goof and forgotten something important, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT and I'll update the post.


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