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LISD Board Retreat Agenda

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2009/11/6 21:00:00 (1418 reads)

We just now got a copy of the LISD Board Retreat agenda. We've been asking for it since Wednesday, though it should have been posted on the district's website, according to state law. So, over my lunch hour, I burned some gas to get over there and get a copy at the meeting.

This agenda does not meet legal requirements for specificity.

On Thursday, the Board had three hours of team building exercises in the morning, followed by presentations in the afternoon:
- Communication Department Audit
- Extra Curricular Participation
- Technology Update
- Discussion of Recording Board Meetings (See video...)
- Facilities Update
- Superintendent Evaluation Form Review

On Friday, the board discussed:
- Food Services
- Enrollment Projections
- Zoning
- Accountability
- Dual Language
- 9th Grade / 9th - 10th Grade Center Recommendations (Controversial in Lewisville) - including a new career center and transportation issues
- Graduation Requirements
- Financial Condition / Tax Ratification (See our earlier video of Dr. Roy's Presentation)

We regret that 'paying the bills' and a lack of advance notice and agenda got in the way of our participation and video-recording of these meetings.

The Lewisville ISD Trustees can be contacted using these email addresses:,,,,,,

Update: Crossed out email addresses for trustees that were not re-elected in the May, 2010 election.

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