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Lewisville ISD Trustees To Announce New Committee Appointments

Lewisville ISD Notes
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/6/11 6:30:00 (3674 reads)

Open in new windowWe've heard a bit about this after the last board meeting, when our three new Trustees were sworn in, but now the board committee assignments are publicly available and will be announced in Monday night's LISD Board meeting:

Communications Committee
Julie Foughty - Chair
Amber Fulton
Carol Kyer

Policy Committee
Brenda Latham - Chair
Carol Kyer
Julie Foughty

Audit Committee
Jeff Knapp - Chair
Vernell Gregg
Tom Ferguson

Amber Fulton - Chair
Tom Ferguson
Jeff Knapp

Vernell Gregg - Chair
Amber Fulton
Brenda Latham

Congratulations on the appointments. They all look good to me, and I look forward to strong leadership from each of these chairs. I'm especially excited to see what will come out of the Communications committee, seeing how Foughty has hit the ground running with that. We'll have to polish up the wish list and make sure she gets it.

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