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Links on Friday Morning

Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/6/25 13:45:55 (1259 reads)

This morning, we're in Corpus Christi for the Texas Democratic Party State Convention. We'll probably bring some updates tonight.

Here are a few links I've collected over the past few days:

New York times has another piece about lapses in oversight of the blowout preventer on the Deepwater Horizon. The sheer ram component of the blowout preventer did not have a backup. It was a single point of failure with a single point of failure. Most rigs have two sheers, just in case a pipe joint happens to be in the way of one.

“It found 11 cases where crews on deepwater rigs had lost control of their wells and then activated blowout preventers to prevent a spill. In only six of those cases were the wells brought under control, leading the researchers to conclude that in actual practice, blowout preventers used by deepwater rigs had a “failure” rate of 45 percent.”

Barbara Ann Radnofsky says your state can sue Wall Street. Greg Abbott, here's your written invitation.

Does it bother you that the new A-Train that DCTA is building is only planned to operate on weekdays?

Sadly, two construction workers were killed yesterday in Lewisville when a piece of equipment fell on them as they were building a DCTA facility.

Newsweek published America’s Best high Schools, and several LISD high schools were on the list:

788: Flower Mound
871: Hebron
1253: Marcus
1399: The Colony

Marcus is ranked #5 in Texas 5A schools in UIL’s Lone Star Cup

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