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Bartonville Gives up Territory to Flower Mound

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2010/8/24 3:20:00 (2216 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowThe Cross Timbers Gazette has the full story about how the Town of Bartonville released 187 acres of its Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) Sunday night. The move means that the territory automatically falls under the jurisdiction of Flower Mound, the nearest incorporated town. There are several vested projects in the works for natural gas facilities.

We're still trying to figure out what this will mean, but the initial impression is that Flower Mound, as a Home Rule City under Texas law will have more authority than Bartonville would have. Flower Mound will look at whether to annex the land.

Here's a map you can zoom out on to get an idea of where the subject area is:

View Lewisville Gas Wells in a larger map

We received the following message from Flower Mound Mayor Pro-Tem Al Filidoro this afternoon:

Bartonville allowed their land to vest with Williams facilities. Now that it has vested, they shove the dirt under our rug. So much for good news. The good news would have been that they gave us the land before Williams vested. Williams filed an application with Denton County on August 12th.
Interesting that there is actually over 860 acres in this ETJ. Why are they just giving us the spoiled land especially because they have admitted that they cannot take care of any of it.
Will they give us the rest of that ETJ after it also has vested with Williams or another gas driller? Won't it also be too late for us to protect the rest of that land as well?

Bartonville's press release today seemed to blame the Town of Flower Mound's moratorium for the development in the ETJ:

"Closing our borders has been a topic of conversation at the Town Hall as far back as early June of this year," said Town Administrator Debbie Millican. She went on to say, "Future incompatible building and development in our extraterritorial jurisdiction has been and remains a source of concern for our town council and citizens."

The Town of Flower Mound’s recent moratorium on all new applications for centralized gas compression stations has encouraged gas production companies to seek locations outside of Flower Mound’s jurisdiction and forced activity in Bartonville’s ETJ. Rumors and speculation have been ramped regarding a proposed centralized compressions station to be located in Bartonville’s ETJ between Flower Mound’s Tour 18 Golf/Residential Development and Porter Road, just south of Bartonville’s most southern Town Limits. When discovered that the land speculation and gas production activity was imminent, Mayor Robertson decided that action had to be taken quickly. He instructed staff to expedite the evaluation and prospect of consolidating territory into Bartonville or relinquishing ETJ in this area,

If we find out any more, we'll update this post.

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