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Links and Open Thread for Wednesday Morning

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/2/22 13:19:01 (907 reads)

Parker County District Judge Trey Loftin (R) ordered a homeowner whose water well was contaminated with methane to pay Range Resources $4.2 million for exercising their first amendment right to video tape the methane burning out of a water hose attached to the well head's vent.

Yet another tough-talking Republican with a gay scandal. The staunch anti-immigration sheriff turned out to have a Mexican national as a lover, whom he threatened to have deported if he revealed their relationship.

Random works of art turn up in libraries. (Very cool)

Wow - in Austin, don't get caught babysitting while white. Cops there overreacted in a pretty big way to a white grandfather walking his black granddaughter home. Someone called the police and reported a kidnapping. Unfortunately, they didn't use a lot of discretion in investigating the complaint. Be sure to read the followups, because they're instructive in how people recall things under intense stress. When 6 police cars roll up on you, snatch away your grand daughter, and roughly cuff you, will you remember that the officer's hand hovered over his taser, or will you remember that he pulled it on you? Maybe the real suspicion here was babysitting while male?

Santorum leads the pack among Texas Republicans.

Dallas Morning News says Rick Perry has been phoning it in since returning to Texas after his failed Presidential campaign.

More squatters kicked out of a $380,000 Flower Mound home.

No idea if this is real or not, but these Japanese scrolls are pretty amusing.

Local volunteers are helping to monitor water quality in creeks and streams. Here is how you could become involved. You can also join the Lewisville Texan Journal clean stream team for Keep Lewisville Beautiful, and join us the next time we do a creek cleanup.

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