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Court Sets May 29th as Texas Primary Election Date

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Posted by WhosPlayin on 2012/3/2 3:40:00 (1579 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowToday, the U.S. District Court in San Antonio issued a final order setting the election date for Texas' party primary elections on May 29th.

The following dates have been ordered relative to this primary election:

March 2nd: Filing period reopens for ALL County, State, and Federal positions. The language of the order seems to indicate that even positions in districts and offices not under dispute are re-opened. Candidates who already filed, but whose district numbers have changed can amend. Candidates can also choose to withdraw.

March 9th: 6:00 p.m. Extended filing period closes.

March 12th: Ballot order drawing deadline.

March 20th: Last day for counties to pass precinct boundary changes in order to comply with the court ordered district changes.

March 30th: First day to apply for a ballot by mail

April 25th: Voter registrars must have issued voter registration certificates to each voter whose registration is effective.

April 14th: Primary ballots for voters subject to MOVE Act must be mailed by this date

May 29th: Primary Election Day

June 6th: County parties must canvass the votes by this date.

June 7th: County parties must submit canvassed returns to the State party.

June 29th: Deadline for Independent candidates to file applications and petitions with the state.

July 31st: Primary Runoff Election date

There will be no precinct conventions this year in Democratic or Republican party primaries. Rather there will be county conventions which will select delegates to the state convention.

The court also ordered that state law requiring runoff elections between 20 - 45 days after a municipal election is waived for May 12th municipal elections. This is necessary because county elections offices, which often run municipal elections under contract, may need more time to administer these and comply with primary election runoff dates.

We'll update this with early voting dates when we get them.

Here are the U.S. Congressional District Boundaries for the North Texas area:
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Here are the Texas House districts for North Texas. We also show street level detail in Lewisville and Flower Mound, to show where the districts change between District 63 (Currently represented by Tan Parker) and District 65 (Currently represented by Burt Solomons, who is not running for reelection). These are mostly as drawn by the legislature, so I don't expect them to change:

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And lastly, here are the Texas Senate Districts for North Texas. All of Lewisville will now be in District 12, currently represented by Jane Nelson, who is running for re-election. No Democrat has yet filed for election in the district.
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