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Lewisville Election Results - ISD Bonds, City Council

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2008/5/11 5:50:00 (7254 reads)

In place 1, Lewisville City Council, Greg Tierney won re-election to his third term over challenger John Gorena. The vote was 796 (61.14%) to 506 (38.86%).

In place 3, Lewisville City Council, Lathan Watts won re-election to his first full 3-year term over challenger David Fogle. The vote was 811 (63.76%) to 461 (36.24%).

The total turnout was 1,398, which is normal for Lewisville Council elections.

I'm not surprised with the results here. I knew that barring some sort of massive turnout sparked by the "immigration" debate, Greg Tierney would win. He's a likable guy, very well known and respected in the community. It would also be an uphill battle for the non-political challenger Fogle against professional political operative and incumbent Lathan Watts.

What I find interesting is the disparity between the early vote, and election day voting. Both Watts and Gorena campaigned in person at the polling locations today at the Municipal Annex and the Memorial Park Recreation Center. It appears to my surprise, that this did give both of them a little bump.

In place 1, early voting, the ratio was 66.41% (Tierney) to 29.01% (Gorena) with 31 not voting.

In place 3, early voting, the ratio was 57.63% (Watts) to 35.24% (Fogle) with 41 not voting.

The Lewisville ISD Bond propositions were a mixed bag.

Proposition 1, $700 million for new school buildings and land PASSED.
Proposition 2, $80 million for a "Special Events" center FAILED by a hair.

Results for this election were not available by precinct, but this document shows results by polling location. Voters at Lewisville locations overall rejected the bond.

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