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2014/12/17 - Islamic Flag at Lewisville Home Raises Eyebrows
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2014/12/13 - GLCT Performing Two Shows in December
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2014/12/7 - Santa to Begin Annual Tour of Lewisville with Firefighters
2014/12/5 - Upcoming Events Around Lewisville and the Surrounding Area
2014/12/4 - Holiday Yard of the Month Nominations Sought
2014/12/4 - FBI Puts Capital Murder Suspect Yaser Abdel Said on Ten Most Wante...
2014/12/3 - Organizations With Holiday Collections for Kids
2014/12/2 - Texas Public Schools: What is the First Objective?
2014/12/2 - Lewisville Police and Fire Radio - Live Feed
2014/12/1 - Lewisville Council Approves Agreement with UNT for LLELA Funding
2014/11/28 - Updated: Lewisville Police Release Name of Carjacker Shot Wednesda...
2014/11/27 - Thankful for Lewisville PD
2014/11/27 - Stuff to be Thankful For
2014/11/26 - Updated: Violent Car Thief Shot by Police After High Speed Chase
2014/11/26 - Shooting at RaceTrac on FM 3040
2014/11/25 - Updated: Lewisville Police Report Several Armed Robberies Over the...
2014/11/23 - Matthew Grimm to Perform in Lewisville on Sunday, November 30th
2014/11/23 - Sunday Morning Update - Friendsgiving Edition
2014/11/23 - 3.3 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Irving
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2014/12/16 20:59 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/16 1:55 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/15 21:53 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/13 19:52 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
2014/12/13 17:39 - Re: Lewisville Blames Contractor for Ferguson Plaza Delays (Anonymous)
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2014/11/23 14:19 - Re: State Unveils New Healthy Texas Women Website (Runfellow)
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2014/11/22 16:56 - Re: State Unveils New Healthy Texas Women Website (Anonymous)
2014/11/22 12:57 - Re: Recycling Rates, Participation Improve with Lewisvill... (cttx)
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LTJ Announces 2013 Lewisville Citizen of the Year: Allison Stamey

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2014/1/17 14:00:00 (2189 reads)

Open in new windowThe Lewisville Texan Journal’s editorial team is pleased to unanimously select Allison Stamey as our Lewisville Citizen of the Year for 2013. Stamey received an honorable mention last year, and is being honored this year for the work that she does, going above and beyond the call of duty in her job as Student Activities Director at Lewisville High School. Because of work that Stamey initiated and has continued to do, our Lewisville community is a better place to live, and the lives of hundreds of students and their families have been a little better. Her can-do attitude means that she is the type to see a need in the community, and rather than waiting around to see if someone else will do it, she says “why can’t we do it?”

Stamey has facilitated the adopt-an-angel program at Lewisville High School for over a decade. The program is run by the LHS Student Council, which she is a faculty advisor for. School counselors identify children whose families are in hard times, and who could use some help at Christmas with toys, clothing, food, or other needs. Individuals and community organizations then adopt individual kids from the list to buy gifts for, or contribute money, which is used to buy gifts for kids who were not adopted. Stamey and the other volunteers then deliver the gifts to the students. You can read more about the program in our story on the 2013 Angel Tree, which helped close to 700 students.

Open in new window
LHS Student Activities Director Allison Stamey
(File photo courtesy of Rotary Club)
Years ago, there were other organizations running Angel Tree programs in Lewisville, but Stamey saw that those programs often were not able to serve all the children who needed help at Christmas time. So she took on the task of organizing the program at LHS.

In addition to the Angel Tree, Stamey also helps organize the Lewisville High School homecoming activities, including the homecoming parade, which is a major event for the city. We are told that the parade is one of, if not the outright largest homecoming parade in the State of Texas.

Last year, Stamey was part of the group that organized Hey! Day, a new annual event to welcome LISD kids in the LHS feeder patterns back to school, and connect the community to the students and vice-versa. In her role as an advisor to the LHS Student Council, the largest in the State of Texas, she oversees a student mentoring program that pairs up high school students with students in elementary and middle schools who need help.

Stamey treats everyone like family, according to Sarah Marcus, LISD’s current Assistant Public Information Officer, who formerly worked with Stamey as the LISD Central Zone Communications Coordinator. “She taught me how to be a Farmer,” said Marcus. “I’ve never seen her say no. She’s just amazing!” she added.

Jane Recchia, who works in the LISD Central Zone office, nominated Stamey. “Ms. Stamey represents Farmer Pride to the utmost and her continuous contributions to both the City of Lewisville and the Central Zone schools, as well as the positive influence she has on the students of Lewisville, makes her a strong contender for the Lewisville Texan Journal's Citizen of the Year award," wrote Recchia. We agree.

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2013 in Lewisville - Biggest Stories of the Year

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/12/31 11:32:32 (1841 reads)

Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell

Here we are at the end of 2013, and it seems like just last week we were writing up the summary of 2012 in Lewisville. Around New Years, everyone likes to take a little look back and reflect on what happened over the course of the year, and we’re no different. (Plus, we’re on vacation, and revisiting old material is easier than working on new stuff, right?)

We’ll talk a little bit about what has gone on with The Lewisville Texan Journal, and what has happened here locally that we covered this year. The stories linked here are those that either got a whole lot of reads and attention, or in some cases, those we thought were important, even though maybe someone else covered it better, or we didn’t get much attention on.

In the May municipal elections, we posted our thoughts on a couple of the school board races, as well as the Lewisville City Council races.

Lewisville resident Brenda Latham was re-elected to her second term on the LISD school board. Kris Vaughn was elected in place 4, the seat formerly held by Julie Foughty of Frisco, who decided not to seek re-election. In the same election, Mark Welding was elected in Place 3, but resigned in the middle of the Summer, just months after taking office.

In the Lewisville City Council elections, Raymond Daniels challenged long-term incumbent Councilman Rudy Durham, but was not successful. However, Daniels has joined our team here at LTJ and has been helping us provide recaps of all council meetings.

Councilman John Gorena was challenged for his seat by former Councilman Greg Tierney, who handily beat him, and regained his seat. Gorena was just too extreme and “out there” claiming once in a council retreat meeting that our country is “at war” for natural gas.

Over the summer, a group launched a petition to legalize liquor sales in Lewisville.

In November, Lewisville citizens voted to legalize the sale of liquor for off-premise consumption, and LISD got a new Trustee - Angie Cox, of Flower Mound.

We covered several public events and festivals in and around Lewisville over the summer, including Chalk This Way, Summerfest,Hey! Day, Western Days - both Friday and Saturday, and the LHS Homecoming Parade.

We organized and attended a Memorial Day observance at City Hall.

The Old Town Holiday Stroll, formerly known as Holiday at the Hall was canceled due to the Icepocalypse.

Guest Columns and Syndicated Columns:
LTJ was fortunate to have numerous guest columns throughout the year, in addition to the syndicated columnists. Here are some highlights:

Lewisville Deputy Mayor Pro Tem TJ Gilmore wrote about social services in Lewisville.

Former Lewisville Fire Chief Rick Lasky wrote “I am your firefighter”

So you want to run for public office? Former Highland Village Mayor Scott McDearmont had some tips.

Syndicated columnist Jason Stanford’s article “Miscarriage in Texas” talks about an aspect often missed in the abortion debate.

Lewisville Councilman Neil Ferguson wrote about the I-35 Expansion project.

Bobby Riguez of Make Education a Priority wrote about Texas House Bill 5, passed by the legislature this year.

Ken Judkins reviewed Matthew Grimm’s new album “Songs in the Key of Your Face”. What was cool is that Grimm came to Lewisville and played a house concert for us.

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Merry Christmas

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/12/24 0:30:00 (1221 reads)

Merry Christmas!
We hope all of our readers have a joyous and meaningful Christmas, or whatever holiday you may celebrate. May the blessings of the season bring peace happiness to you and yours.

Here's this year's playlist of Christmas songs:

Peace on Earth! Good will to Men!

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No Scandal - Just Another Day on the Web

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/12/8 13:10:00 (943 reads)

Open in new windowA friend of mine who I respect a lot approached me earlier this week to ask if I would look into something that he thought was a scandal. My friend and I have some fundamental disagreements on some political issues, but we respect each other, and I was happy to look into it. The issue he said, was that the federal health insurance exchange website had some "hidden code" in it that meant Americans were giving up their rights to privacy when signing up for health insurance through the website.

The assertion was brought to light by Texas Congressman Joe Barton (R, Ennis) who grilled an executive of the government’s prime contractor in a hearing in October, showing a screenshot of the website’s login screen, and its underlying HTML source code, which contained this bit of boilerplate legalese that was not displayed on the screen:

“You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transmitting or stored on this information system. “

If you are on the end of the political spectrum that believes that the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare” is evil, and you don’t have any experience with HTML or the other technologies that make up the world-wide web, then you might think this is some sort of a smoking gun. You might take note of the deer-in-the-headlights look on this poor executive’s face, probably not understanding what she was seeing, and being put on the spot to explain HTML source code, and you might prefer to see it as some sign of guilt.

Politifact published their own assessment of the issue on October 29th, rating Barton’s assertion as false.

For those of us who build these types of transactional websites for a living, it’s pretty simple to see that this is a non-issue. Whatever issues there are with the law or its implementation, this is not one of them. Rather, this is just a technical artifact. And it happens way more often than you think.

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Happy Thanksgiving - 2013

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/11/28 11:40:00 (560 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowBy Steve Southwell

Well, it seems like it can't possibly already be Thanksgiving time again, but it certainly is. I don't know about you, but the past year seems to have been a blur. At the moment, I'm sitting here with my first cup of coffee, and my beautiful wife Fluffy is expressing her Czech heritage in the kitchen, playing traditional Czech music on her phone while she prepares another batch of kolaches.

I thought I would take a moment to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving, as well as a meaningful one. In times where life seems rushed, and there never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we are expected to do, it can be hard just sort of sit with family and friends and BE thankful. Especially on Thanksgiving morning when we're hurriedly trying to get things prepared for our feast, the stress levels can be high.

But today, I'm going to try, and I hope you will too.

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Children's Advocacy Center Rejects Sizable Donation from Tattooed Moms

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/11/5 18:16:28 (1997 reads)

The Dallas Observer reported today that a local area Mom's group called the "Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas" tried to make a sizable donation to the Denton County Children's Advocacy Center, but was refused "due to the conservative nature of our organization".

The mom group had raised about $3,000 by selling rather tame pin-up calendars. You can see the photos here. (G-rated)

We contacted Children's Advocacy Center Executive Director Dan Leal today to inquire about the rejection, and what the group meant by "conservative", and got this response:

"The Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County appreciated the generous offer made by the Tattooed Hippie Pirate Mommas organization; however, the money was raised with a pin up calendar that could be perceived by some as sexual in nature and our Children's Advocacy Center's mission is to provide justice and healing for children who are the victims of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, we could not accept the proceeds of this pin up calendar's sales because of the calendar's possible perception, and not the hard working mothers who sponsored it."

Children's Advocacy Center of Denton County is a non-profit organization that helps children who are victims of abuse, and works to gather evidence to bring their abusers to justice.

What do you think? Has CACDC just hurt its cause by making a giant leap from "pin-up" to "sexual"? Why are pictures of women being themselves considered sexual? How does this even have anything to do with victimizing children?

Leave a comment...

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Technical Difficulties

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/9/28 10:50:00 (632 reads)

Open in new windowJust a quick note here about some technical difficulties we're currently experiencing on our website: We have experienced difficulties at times with the comment section rejecting comments. This past Wednesday we started having an issue where I couldn't even post blogs because of some sort of security "feature" of our hosting provider, GoDaddy. They fight an ongoing battle to protect their customers' websites against denial-of-service and spam attacks, but somehow their system was mistaking legitimate posts for spam or attacks.

Making matters worse, at GoDaddy's insistence, we updated the version of software that runs this website. After that, there was a brief time we couldn't even log in. There are still a few things on the site that have problems, such as our photo section being inaccessible, as well as various articles.

Hopefully the problems will be ironed out by Sunday Monday Saturday night. In the mean time, if you have tried to post a comment, and not been able to, please understand that we're not censoring you; it's just that the system may be losing them. Feel free to email us in the mean time:, and we'll get it posted for you.

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Happy Labor Day

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/9/2 16:16:24 (500 reads)

We're enjoying our day off here in my household. We've had a great, relaxing weekend, having gone to the rodeo Saturday night, then dinner and a jam session with friends on Sunday, then a trip to the shooting range today. It was really refreshing last night to see the rain roll in, and I was so happy to see the ground all wet this morning.

Our friend Matthew Grimm has a song called "Enemy" which he's made a music video of, and I wanted to share it with you on Labor Day, as we celebrate American labor, and the shared American value that people who are willing to work hard deserve the dignity of a job that can provide for them and their families.

You can find this song on his latest album, "Songs in the Key of Your Face":

Read the review of "Songs in the Key of Your Face"...

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Happy Independence Day

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/7/4 11:47:17 (604 reads)

Open in new windowHappy Independence Day, everyone! Here at our house, we'll be grilling some steaks and consuming a beverage or two with family before taking in the Red White & Lewisville fireworks show tonight.

In 2011, I wrote this column about the meaning of patriotism, which I re-read this morning, and thought would be appropriate to share again.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Please Help

The Editor's Column
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2013/5/20 22:37:59 (482 reads)

Open in new windowWe are devastated tonight by reports of the massive tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, and its tragic toll. It comes right on the heels of a recent outbreak of tornadoes last week in North Texas. Though we pray for comfort for those affected, we know that we are all God's hands when it comes to doing the work that comes from disasters like this. Some folks can help directly, and the rest of us can give money to fund their efforts. It's much more efficient and effective that way, even if it doesn't fulfill our own desires to become personally involved.

One of the easiest ways to contribute to disaster relief is with good old fashioned money delivered via modern methods. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, which helps people affected by disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires and tornadoes.

Here are some other ways that you can donate.

Another thing that we all need to do is to take some time to check our own disaster kits and plans. Do you know what you would do if you were separated from your family, and your home and means of communication were gone? Do you have supplies and equipment to survive a couple of days in your home if first responders cannot get to you? Do you know where in your home that you would go to have the best chance of surviving a tornado? Here is a website that can help you with your plans.

As always, we invite readers to let us know of opportunities to help. Leave a comment.

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