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2015/11/25 - Upcoming Events Around Lewisville and the Surrounding Area
2015/11/25 - Updated: One wounded in shooting; police trying to get witness sto...
2015/11/25 - Farmers' boys basketball nets four wins in two days
2015/11/24 - Country rap artist Mikel Knight promoters in Lewisville
2015/11/24 - Mary Kay to move manufacturing to Lewisville
2015/11/23 - Lewisville High School Student Council seeking Angel Tree donors
2015/11/23 - Hebron HS wins 6a state volleyball championship
2015/11/22 - Okafor and Gorsuch announce college commitments
2015/11/21 - Saturday Briefs
2015/11/21 - Northern gateway properties rezoned mixed use
2015/11/20 - Matthew Grimm to play acoustic concert in Lewisville
2015/11/18 - Farmer boys' basketball: Narrow loss in season opener 68-65
2015/11/17 - Upcoming Events Around Lewisville and the Surrounding Area
2015/11/17 - Lewisville wakes to Tornado Warning
2015/11/14 - LHS Boys Basketball Preview
2015/11/14 - Jewelry store employee charged in $67k theft
2015/11/11 - LISD board implores Governor Abbott to appoint experienced Ed. Com...
2015/11/10 - Fox Avenue bridge hit by dump truck expected to reopen Tuesday
2015/11/10 - Keep Lewisville Beautiful hosts Trinity Trash Bash on November 14
2015/11/9 - Cinderella "Stuns"
2015/11/7 - Lewisville finishes football season with 37-17 loss to Plano
2015/11/7 - Water tower to get revamp
2015/11/7 - Voters approve Lewisville Bond Propositions
2015/11/6 - Updated: Quigley guilty of capital murder
2015/11/5 - Lake and River Update
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2015/10/23 13:17 - Re: City approves grant for improvements at distillery (Anonymous)
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President Obama we need to talk

User Diaries
Posted by trace042 on 2011/9/9 13:44:53 (1707 reads)

President Obama we need to talk
A Chronology of Barack Obama’s Failures

The list of monumental failures by President Barack Obama continues to grow as his Presidency becomes clearly define by continuing lack of direction, lack of purpose and lack of leadership.

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The New Payday Jury System

User Diaries
Posted by trace042 on 2011/7/6 13:49:27 (2914 reads)

The New Payday Jury System
Twelve people good and true in the state of Florida

First, a child is dead the last person to see her alive was the mother. Then for thirty days the mother party like it was 1999 so, let us look at the "facts" of the Casey Anthony case as decided by twelve people good and true in the state of Florida. I do not believe this for a minute. This was nothing more than twelve people looking for a payday their moment of fame to make all the cash they can at the expense of a murdered child.

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Customer inflation slows economic recovery

User Diaries
Posted by NaldS on 2011/6/27 21:24:12 (2441 reads)
User Diaries

A small boost in national consumer costs nearly covered up the truth that manufacturing and confidence are in the gutter. The United States economic recovery moves similar to a zombie now, and is just as peppy. This results in an enjoyable time with consumer inflation. It makes the cost of personal loans go up a lot.

How the Consumer Price Index has changed recently

Russell Price, an Ameriprise Financial senior economist, explained that nobody wants to hear the reason for the decline in production and low confidence.


"Both of them are reflective of the slowdown in the economy that we have experienced over the last few months," he said.

One year ago, the consumer price index was up 3.6 percent compared to April's 0.4 percent and May's 0.2 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics report that May's under-performance is the lowest that it has been since it was in November.

It does not help that there was an increase in food costs. It went up 0.4 percent. One economist pointed out a decrease in the United States energy index last month, oddly enough. It went down a percentage point. Even more interesting was the gas decrease. It went up 2 percent in the U.S. Even with the change, food prices rose just the same. They weren't changing.

Clothing, shelter and automobiles getting more expensive

The Consumer Price Index report had more to say concerning price acceleration. There was not a change in demand, although other things still went up in price in May, reports the New York Times. This involves residence, car costs, recreation and new clothing. Last month, there was a decrease in a few items including sot-weed tobacco. Alco involved were personal care items and airline prices.

Conditions 'deteriorated'

It is interesting to note the choice of words the Times uses when discussing production. According to the New York Federal Reserve, conditions for manufacturers have deteriorated so far in June, marked by a 20-point drop in the manufacturing industry's conditions index to minus-7.8 points, the first dip below zero since Nov 2010. The decline expected was supposed to end at positive 14.

Due to the Japanese catastrophe that occurred, some of the production performance was changed a bit.

"It affects just about every region," said Price. "In the manufacturing report, the component shortages were the No. 1 factor, and then the broader softening that went along with the higher gasoline prices."

The cost of a watermelon

Information from

Consumer Price Index

New York Federal Reserve

New York Times

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Golf Summit

User Diaries
Posted by trace042 on 2011/6/17 9:49:30 (2680 reads)

Nero played his lyre and sang while the city burned

Once again, history is repeating itself. However, this time it is our country that is burning to the ground in red ink, health care, three wars, unemployment, and the list grows longer like the national debt by the minute.

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Open Letter to the Republican Congress

User Diaries
Posted by trace042 on 2011/6/6 14:50:00 (2943 reads)

The government has reached the limit of its borrowing authority, $14.3 trillion. As our country stumbles towards yet another showdown over our national debt limit. It is time to stop all of this chest thumping and clever talk in front of the television cameras. Now is the time to save our country from financial ruin.

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This war is over

User Diaries
Posted by trace042 on 2011/5/6 20:58:46 (3692 reads)

Where do we as a nation go from here?
“Logic always seems to be tainted with oil”.

With the death of Osama bin Laden the war with terror is now over. Oh sure we have a few things to clear up like his second in command Ayman al-Zawahiri needs to meet some Navy Seals and Gitmo prisoners need to be tried or let go. No matter how you slice it this war is over.

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Links on Wednesday Night

User Diaries
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/3/2 21:20:00 (4441 reads)

Wow, there's a lot going on and I barely have time to touch it all. Plus tonight is my karaoke night, and I'm out of here soon.

In the meantime, here are a few links for your consideration:

Clowns totally OWNING the KKK.

Breathtaking Spy Plane footage

Police Chief's weekly update.

Keep Lewisville Beautiful is having their Spring Clean-Up on April 16th.

Tan Parker has a column about Air Monitoring. It's a newsflash to me, but Parker says producing natural gas helps us not buy any from Venezuela, Russia, and Libya. Rep. Parker may want to learn how to use government resources to find the actual countries from which we import the tiny fraction of natural gas that is not produced here. Hint: None of those countries exports natural gas to the U.S. Another Hint: We have so much damned natural gas right now that prices are in a glut. If we were smart, we'd let the prices rise a bit and hold onto our Texas reserves until we can all make a bit more money off them. I do appreciate his words on air quality monitoring though. I hope he believes them, and will commit to maintaining appropriate funding for regulatory oversight.

Michael Burgess wrote a book, and it has a real original title: "Doctor in the House". He's selling it through WorldNetDaily, the discredited right-wing hate website that started the birther movement. Burgess is still butthurt that Dems stopped listening to his ideas once he said he'd vote against whatever bill was advanced. All one has to do is look at Burgess's campaign donor list to see that his goals are aligned with those whose goals are to separate you from more of your salary each year for health care costs. We have the most expensive health care per capita, without the better outcomes one might expect. If someone wants to send me a copy to read and review, I'm happy to do so, but I strongly suspect his "ideas" are more of the same tired "tort reform" that hasn't done anything for Texas but to artificially devalue the suffering of the victims of medical negligence.

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Thoughts and Links on Sunday Night

User Diaries
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/2/28 0:50:00 (4304 reads)

Well, that was a nice little thunder shower, wasn't it?

I spent a long time at my office this afternoon. I've been working on getting my taxes done, and doing the planning I need to do to deal with next year. It's the part of owning a business that is just not that interesting to me, and very tiring. I don't at all mind paying my fair share, but it's the time spent on record-keeping and figuring that takes its toll on me.

So, after a week without my yoga class, I went back today to continue my 6 week beginner yoga class at Blue Anjou. I've got to say that I really enjoy spending the time doing something for myself that will help me get and stay fit. But I am a bit disappointed in myself for not being a better learner. I don't have much problem following along with what's going on in class, but I have a hard time remembering the names of the poses, and I don't really yet have a grasp of how much I should be doing the yoga, and what a typical workout would be. The instruction so far has been the what and how of it, but not so much the when, how much, and in what order. That's okay though. I may just sign up for another class, and just go in and do yoga there. I really don't have a quiet peaceful place in my house to do it, and having more instruction might help me to better understand what I need to do.

A funny thing happened in class today. The substitute instructor, since Deanna was out, was Leila. I could have sworn that Leila asked one of the ladies in the class that was helping her demonstrate, if she did camel toes. Well, we certainly are a big happy family there, aren't we? Didn't take me long to realize it was camel pose - with a "P". I guess my mind stays in the gutter a good bit of the time.


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Links on Friday Night

User Diaries
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/2/25 23:40:00 (4285 reads)

Only a few links tonight:

Michael Burgess is a sponsor of a bill to end Birthright citizenship.

Debbie Riddle wants a Laundry Loophole so that every family can have at least one indentured servant though. You DO have a servant in your house, right?

Meeting about coyotes in Lewisville.

MoveOn and a bunch of other organizations are holding rallies to support the public workers in Wisconsin, who stand to lose their rights to collective bargaining under Republican Governor Scott Walker's plan to balance the state budget on their backs. There's one in Dallas at Noon on Saturday.

Lewisville Citizens Fire Academy starts March 2nd. I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about the fire service.

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Links on Thursday Night

User Diaries
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2011/2/25 0:10:00 (4021 reads)

I have this bad habit of collecting links and holding onto them way too long. I should have gotten these posted earlier this week:

All things have a price.

Here's the text of that sonogram legislation just passed by the Texas Senate. I think it's wasteful paternalistic bullshit. Abortion is not an easy decision as it is. We can spare them the guilt trip. And by the way, maybe we could agree on the need to reduce the number of abortions, which we could do if we had better access to birth control, health care, and services for children once they are born. I wish some people would put half the effort they spend trying to save fetuses into helping make a decent life for children once they are born. I could go on, but the whole debate just tires me.

Embarrassed Republicans admit they've been thinking about Eisenhower all these years. That would make more sense.

Lewisville Police Chief's weekly update.

What the hell? Don't they have chairs in China?

Here's another damned thing Texas can put in its trophy case.

But no matter how dumb Texas politicians can get, Georgia will always one-up us in the crazy department.

Lastly, this video is a prime example of how a few bad apples can undo any and all community outreach that a police department may do. I can see stuff like this causing even more suspects to flee instead of deal with Houston police:

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