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2015/11/10 - Fox Avenue bridge hit by dump truck expected to reopen Tuesday
2015/11/10 - Keep Lewisville Beautiful hosts Trinity Trash Bash on November 14
2015/11/9 - Cinderella "Stuns"
2015/11/7 - Lewisville finishes football season with 37-17 loss to Plano
2015/11/7 - Water tower to get revamp
2015/11/7 - Voters approve Lewisville Bond Propositions
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Cinderella "Stuns"

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/11/9 19:05:40 (614 reads)

By Philip MoulardOpen in new window

There you are, a very excited four year old child sitting in the audience, waiting as patiently as possible and wondering about the upcoming performance. Your eyes are wide in anticipation, fixated on the dark stage in front of you. The lights dim and the Lewisville High School Orchestra plays the first notes to the Overture. The music changes and the lights dim even further. The entire auditorium is now completely dark. Suddenly the stage is illuminated and the scene opens with a regal gentleman perched atop boxes. The man begins to sing. He is then joined by many people dressed in strange clothes who approach the stage from the audience. You look around and witness the lines of them singing and dancing right in front of you. You are so overcome with wonder and joy, all you can do is smile.

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Food Reviews: Harvest Chinese Restaurant

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/10/30 16:47:11 (634 reads)

By Philip Moulard

1288 W Main St #231, Lewisville, TX 75067
Open in new window
My significant other is a fiend for Chinese cuisine. She does not simply want it often, she seems to have a genetic need for its consumption. Over the past two years of our residence in Lewisville, we have made many trips to multiple Chinese food eateries. While some have a few dishes better than others, they all end up being very similar in the end. One common flaw shared among them, is a lack of consistency in the menu. As a result of this, I have never found myself able to share that love of the cuisine. However, since shopping at Winco Foods, we have become aware of a small, neon-adorned Chinese restaurant tucked discreetly into the side of a mostly bare shopping center. We recently decided to venture into this restaurant for a try. Despite my low expectations, the experience we had was pleasantly surprising.

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Food Reviews: Ojeda's Mexican Restaurant

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/10/26 16:15:55 (938 reads)

By Philip Moulard

1680 TX-121 BUS, Lewisville, TX 75067
Open in new window
Every year the DFW metroplex inches closer to becoming the next Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City in terms of culinary notoriety. All that success has resulted in many regional chains that are native to this area. Among that growing list of chain restaurants sits the Tex-Mex eatery, Ojeda’s. Opening in Dallas’ Oak Lawn area 46 years ago, Ojeda’s has been a local favorite since its inception. Taking traditional Mexican enchiladas and adding creative spins to them, Ojeda’s in Oak Lawn, still to this day, rates among Dallas’ top Mexican restaurants, even placing #7 in D Magazine earlier this year. However, like many other regional chains, not all locations are equal.

Lewisville, like many other cities in Texas, has a plethora of Tex-Mex restaurants. Take a ride down any exit off of I-35E and you are likely to find at least one or two Tex-Mex restaurants. Ojeda’s Lewisville location is just one of the many choices available. I had heard many mixed things about Ojeda’s, but after reading praise of its original location, I was determined to make our local branch the target of my next review. Recently, my small family of four decided to put the restaurant to the test.

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Hard Twist: Western Ranch Women continues through November 7 at MCL Grand

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/10/25 23:32:19 (378 reads)

By Philip Moulard
Open in new window
In September the MCL Grand Theater art gallery debuted “Hard Twist: Western Ranch Women”. This photo collection from the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame features more than 60 black and white photographs by Barbara Van Cleve documenting the lives of ranch women from the northern Rockies to the Mexican border. The collection is an homage to all the women of the range and their ranches and the breathtaking landscapes in which they live. Van Cleve’s photos depict the life these women live as caretakers of their ranches and their families.

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Opinion: Ferguson says shopping center deal good for Lewisville

Blogs and Columns
Posted by RNeil on 2015/10/25 21:10:00 (976 reads)

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Architect's rendering of Lewisville West shopping center revamp. (Courtesy GFR Architects)

By Neil Ferguson
Lewisville Mayor Pro Tem

Economic development initiatives are a vital tool of the City of Lewisville when it comes to attracting and retaining quality businesses, and ensuring commercial properties present a desirable impression of our city. But they are multifaceted, and can be misunderstood. That sometimes resulting in rumors, often on social media. One such rumor now circulating concerns the Lewisville West Shopping Center (LWSC) at Fox and I-I35 in Lewisville, which recently got a fresh face.

To begin with, at no time did the city pay anyone for any of the renovations -- not for materials, or labor or any other part of the improvements to the center. However, the property owner did invest over $5M of their own money to do their makeover.

The city did allow LWSC a rebate on 1% of sales tax collected ONLY for those construction purchases made here in Lewisville that were fully documented with receipts, and fully verified with the State Comptroller’s Office as taxable Lewisville sales. That directly provided $3.5M in local economic benefit to Lewisville businesses rather than some other city.

LWSC still had to pay for police, fire and parks sales taxes on all local expenses. For the city, it meant the same base sales tax had construction purchases been made elsewhere, while helping the local economy and local businesses by $3.5M and still collecting the fire, police and parks city sales tax portions.

The other offer made by the city to LWSC allowed the property tax portion on buildings (property "improvements" ONLY, NOT the land or ANY Business Personal Property -- that is, "BPP": fixtures, equipment, etc. owned by tenants) to stay the same as they were before renovations for a fixed period of time. That encouraged renovation over continued decline, while still collecting the same property tax on improvements before they declined even further and continuing to collect any increases on land or BPP values.

In 2013, before renovations, LWSC buildings were valued at $2.06M. The makeover was completed in early 2014. A year later in 2015, the revitalized buildings are valued at $5.55M. Without renovation, the value of the buildings would have continued their downward slide.

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Country Legend Tells A Grand Story In Lewisville

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/10/20 15:23:05 (888 reads)

By Philip Moulard
Open in new window
Legendary country-western songwriter, Dean Dillon, graced the stage of Coach Joe’s Hat Tricks this past Tuesday. A decent-sized crowd was topped by a blanket of cowboy hats and bouffant hair, which formed a makeshift runway to the stage. Upon the dimly-lit stage sat an aging cowboy sporting a handlebar mustache and goatee combo. His salt-and-pepper mane hung down to his chest over his flannel shirt. He sat down, picked up an old tattered guitar that easily has seen as many miles as himself, popped open a bottled Coca-Cola and gave a nod of approval. He slowly looked up at the crowd from behind his aviator shades. Everyone sat in silent awe until a gravelly “How you folks doing tonight?” broke the silence and the audience erupted with unmatched enthusiasm.

The 66 year-old Tennessee native started his career as a down-on-his-luck singer songwriter. Hitting the local Nashville bars and playing for change, Dillon slowly made a name for himself through the 70’s Nashville country music scene. After years struggling to make ends meet, he eventually met the right people and broke into the Nashville songwriting industry alongside industry legends like Gary Stewart, Hank Cochran, and Willie Nelson.

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Food Reviews: Amy Renee's Grill & Spirits

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/10/19 8:47:59 (1555 reads)

By Philip Moulard

1425 FM 407 Ste 100 Lewisville, TX 75077
Open in new window
To call the food industry fickle, would be an understatement. The general public is constantly changing their dining expectation standards. Fortunately, the latest trend is using better quality ingredients in dishes no matter how basic or traditional they may be. Johnny G’s in Lewisville was not an adopter of this new industry ideal. While they provided tasty meals that utilized a proprietary blend of authentic cajun spice, the quality of the overall menu was spotty at best. I am happy to say that Amy Renee’s Grill & Spirits (which replaced Johnny G’s in the same location) appears to not be making the same food quality mistakes of the previous business. This new establishment appears to understand the new ideal and has adopted the new standard.

The overall layout of Amy Renee’s, while similar to its predecessor, is much more organized. The most obvious change is the shift from counter service to traditional serviced tables. Within moments of entering, my family and I were greeted by Sophia, our very friendly waitress for the evening’s meal. She escorted us to our corner booth and explained a few of the menu items. The menu was the same menu as it was with Johnny G’s, albeit a much smaller quantity of entrees from which to choose, with options including a meatball sub, an enchilada plate, a philly cheesesteak, or chicken fried steak plate. It was becoming very clear to me at this point that this is no rebranding, this is an entirely new business.

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MillerCoors Cleans Up and Donates $5,000

Blogs and Columns
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/10/9 18:28:38 (566 reads)

Open in new windowStaff Reports

Last Friday, about 30 volunteers from the Frisco office of MillerCoors partnered with Keep Lewisville Beautiful for a three-hour cleanup along the shores of Lewisville Lake at Lake Park. Not only did they donate 100 volunteer hours, but they cleaned up approximately 1,300 pounds of trash, and donated $5,000 to Keep Lewisville Beautiful to help further fund community waterway cleanups and environmental education efforts in the Lewisville Community.

Carlos Jourdan, Regional Manager for MillerCoors, the company that brews Coors and Miller beer products, said the cleanup was part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, and caring for water - the most important ingredient in their beers. Jourdan stressed the company’s commitment to the environment, noting that all of their breweries except one are currently landfill-free. The company made a similar cleanup and $5,000 donation last year.

Now in its seventh year, Great Water Month is one of several MillerCoors initiatives aimed and protecting water resources throughout the country. Nationwide, the company held 16 events like this one as part of its Great Water Month.

For more information about Keep Lewisville Beautiful and its programs, such as Adopt-a-Spot and its semi-annual citywide cleanups, visit

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Food Reviews: Giovanni's Italiano Cafe

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/9/3 22:39:21 (805 reads)

Open in new window
By Philip Moulard

Giovanni's Italiano Cafe
1079 West Round Grove Rd., Suite #600

Ever since it hit American shores, culturally specific food has continually evolved, and Italian food is no exception. Many factors play a role in that evolution, including the availability of ingredients. Consequently, many of the staple dishes we associate with Italian restaurants today, such as veal parmesan and chicken marsala, are Italian-American originals that were created due to the lack of vegetables and abundance of meat immigrants encountered when they settled here.

Fast-forward to present day. What we call Italian food may not be considered traditional, but it is still one of the most popular cuisines in the United States.

Having dined at most of Lewisville’s Italian restaurants, the lack of emphasis on fresh, homemade pasta has been a letdown. Nearly all of the local Italian establishments have decided to put most of their resources into pizza, using premade pasta dishes to fill up the remainder of the menu. Giovanni’s Italian Cafe handles their business much differently than the status quo. They have put equal effort into both sides of their menu, claiming house-made pasta dishes and from-scratch pizza.

Walking into Giovanni’s small strip mall location, you're greeted to a very bland interior. Taupe and typical Italian-themed decor sit beneath subtle lighting. Nowhere to be seen are the candles and oil paintings traditionally found at similar establishments, but it should be noted that Giovanni’s only recently opened, and has perhaps not yet had a chance to build its own atmosphere.

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VAL's "As Above, So Below" Exhibit: A Critical View

Blogs and Columns
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/8/20 5:40:00 (353 reads)

By Philip Moulard
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Saturday, August 15 2015, the Visual Art League (VAL) debuted their fall exhibit, “As Above, So Below”. The large exhibit features numerous works from six different University of North Texas alumni, present and former working with drastically different artistic mediums. Though lacking a concrete theme, “As Above, So Below” displays many works that share a familiar essence and all pay homage to the modernist movement.

Daniel Baeza presented an archival pigment print collection that showcase highly detailed and zoomed in photographs of soil and mineral deposits. Baeza’s “Untitled - Fragment 5” highlights ridges and indentations in the soil, depicting a very organic and isolated display. Small sparse floral buds appear throughout the piece giving patrons a sense of hope.

David Villegas presented a collection of silk screen prints that cover a large variety of art types. Highlights include his expressionistic take on the Virgin Mary simply titled “Mary,” and his visceral “Subject-Woman/Lamb” showcases the graphic reality of the life cycle with an open lamb carcass, while the top frame displays a silk screened and blurry depiction of a naked female form, retaining a sense of beauty from the piece despite the harsh gory realities depicted.

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