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Letters: North Texans should Feel the Bern

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/2/23 19:00:00 (1709 reads)

To the editor:

I support U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for president because of his positions and character. Sanders would do the best job at improving our country because of his approach to our nation’s challenges.

Bernie will fight to get big money out of politics. Congress is overly influenced by corporations and wealthy special interests.

Sanders’ positions would help restructure the economy to represent the working class and the wealthy. Bernie has specific plans to ensure that: large corporations pay appropriate taxes and don’t move jobs overseas, we improve education and employment opportunities, no one that works 40 hours a week lives in poverty, and that we fully support our veterans and elderly.

If you listen to Bernie Sanders, you will hear someone who is fair, honest, confident, thoughtful, humble, enthusiastic and consistent.

Enough is enough! Do you want a president that will unite us to invest in people, or one who will divide us and continue to fuel greed?

Christine Smiley,

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Letters: No fracking near Lewisville Dam

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/2/8 23:51:28 (443 reads)

To the editor:

The BLM has no business allowing fracking near the Lewisville Dam, which is already in trouble. A dam rupture would endanger 400,000 people.

Some folks scoff at the idea that small earthquakes threaten an earthen dam, but these folks fail to consider that soil movement damage is cumulative.

Think about when children try to dam up a stream and how the water finds and penetrates any small crack, eventually enlarging it.

Plus, right across from the fracking area is where whooping cranes spent the summer of 2013.

Dick Guldi,
Dallas Sierra Club Co-Chair

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Letters: War on drugs takes toll on families

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2016/1/21 0:15:16 (693 reads)

To the editor:

My younger brother was arrested on Friday. He is a drug addict. It’s okay, you can go ahead and judge him, my family, my parents, I got over that many years ago. My brother was released from a 3 year prison sentence in early 2015, but as prison doesn’t cure addiction, he was caught with drugs again.

My family has long run out of money for lawyers so he’ll be represented by whoever is assigned to him and he’ll be back in prison for 2-99 years, whatever the prosecutor and the judge feel like on that day.

If you’ve never had a loved one in prison I will tell you what is true for me – it is necessary to kill a part of yourself in order to deal with the reality of having a loved one locked up in a corrupt and dangerous system. I’m not sure what that part is called but I know whatever it is - killing it is the only way to make it possible to sleep through the night, wake up in the morning, have some laughter, raise your kids, and get on with your life. But all along you know that part of you is dead and gone. That’s the war on drugs.

The punishment isn’t only applied to the prisoner, it is applied to the sons and the daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. The pain ripples through families and communities. The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the prison population. That’s 2 million people in prison.

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Letters: ACA repeal not needed

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2016/1/2 7:55:04 (620 reads)

Rep. Michael Burgess and his cronies in the Republican House have voted nearly 60 times in an effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They finally get their wish of it heading to President Obama's desk next week, after the Senate also passed the bill this month. The President will most likely veto this repeal, because it is the right thing to do for the health of Americans.

Since the ACA was passed into law, we have seen healthcare spending in 2014 grow at the slowest rate since 1960. Healthcare inflation is also as its lowest in 50 years. The number of Texans uninsured dropped from from 24.6% to 16.9% (still the highest in the nation but a large improvement). Urgent care clinics are popping up on every corner.

While I do not disagree the ACA has some gaps, it is not enough to scrap the entire law without an immediate replacement that maintains or improves coverage and cost for Americans. Medicare for All is one such replacement that would help.

It seems the "doctor in the House" continues to work against American healthcare every chance he gets. Dr. Burgess should be reminded of the line in the Hippocratic Oath that states "I will prevent disease wherever I can" before he makes yet another mistake in voting for repeal.

John Turner-McClelland
Little Elm, TX

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Letters: Implement vote centers to boost turnout

Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/11/29 12:20:00 (404 reads)

To the editor:

Vote Centers, modeled after the countywide polling sites used during early voting, have been implemented by at least 33 Texas counties since the state Legislature authorized a pilot program in 2005.

Pioneered in Colorado in 2003, Vote Centers have been found to save money and boost turnout across party lines, including among infrequent voters, according .to Rice University political scientist Bob Stein, who has studied non-precinct polling places. He was unable to find a Republican versus Democratic advantage in terms of the turnout effect.

Potential drawbacks include reduced polling sites, the possibility of confusing voters used to voting at a particular location and the costs associated with adopting a new system. However, at no additional cost the registration card, mailed each voter, could include the change information. In addition, there would be media coverage.

Counties adopting vote centers for the first time are required retain 65 percent of precinct polling places they otherwise would have used for that election. In subsequent elections, they must keep half the precinct polling sites.

Ken Leach,

Editor's note: Readers can learn more about vote centers here.

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Letters: Don't trust Trump on deportation

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/9/16 22:05:23 (403 reads)

To the editor:
We never take a political promise at face value.

Donald Trump said he would deport our 11 million illegal aliens. Our immediate reaction was el toro poo poo.

Assuming Trump is elected to one term, he would have 1,460 days to accomplish his promise. This means his goal from day one would be vanishing 7,535 people daily. According to the American Immigration Council 441,939 are waiting to be heard. The wait time for a hearing is 863 days or just under two and a half years. If all pending cases were heard within the two and a half years, only 512 cases would heard a day, We leave our court presentation without raising the lengthy appeals process.

What capacity do we have for moving 11,000,000 people.

A Greyhound Bus holds 49 people, so to meet the daily goal allocate 156 buses per day headed to the border. A passenger train car seat 90 , we need 73 train cars full each day. however, these figures only meet Trump's daily goal and do not take into consideration not everyone is going to Mexico.

We are not even going into Congress having to appropriate several trillion dollars to carry out the process.

Trump promises to deport all our illegal immigrates. We promise to paint the courthouse green. To the voters, may we suggest: do not hold your breath.

Ken Leach,

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Letters: Resident Concerned about HAARP Weapon

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/7/28 8:11:46 (1421 reads)

I wish to inquire about the subject of HAARP in Alaska. If one Googles about “HAARP in Alaska,” it states information about this being a conspiracy theory.

I watched a show on CBS Network television. It showed the man who invented this machine. This gentleman is not a conspiracy theory. This man was from Dallas, Texas. He thought this machine could be used for the good of humanity. He made the mistake of selling it to the Air Force.

The weather machine could cause rain where there was a drought. This machine is capable of shooting a lightning bolt into space to knock out a satellite.

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Letters: Larry Sigler Remembered

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/6/25 0:50:24 (2004 reads)

Open in new windowBack in 1984 Kirkpatrick was a gravel road with a massive water tower at the end of it. This is the time I started 9th grade at Marcus High School. During those early years there was a man whose voice we heard every morning-Larry Sigler. Many today know him for the Auditorium named in his honor or his recent induction into the Marcus Hall of Fame. I knew him as a fierce defender of the right of every student to succeed and one of the kindest folks I have known in my 45 years.

Mr. Sigler lived for the spirit of a Marcus pep rally and for almost twenty years he was the face and the spirit of Marcus. From running a ninth grade school that was half finished to graduating our charter class in 1988, he was a strong leader and brought our alma mater into being. Boombah-hey is not a foreign concept to anyone who attended Marcus during his tenure.

My time at Marcus ended in 1988 as I graduated with the charter class, but I kept in contact with Mr. Sigler as his leadership helped Marcus become a Blue Ribbon school as well as a consistent institution of excellence. Excellence was present in academics, athletics, and service to the community. Larry Sigler was a role model to thousands of students over the years.

In his retirement, Mr Sigler battled numerous health problems. I would see him around town and he always remembered me, and we would talk about the tradition of excellence that lived on at Marcus. It was difficult to see age and disease dull a mind that was always so razor sharp. Larry Sigler fought a hard and courageous battle.

Mr. Sigler was a kind man, a generous man, and a giant in the community of Southern Denton County. I am proud to have known him. May he rest in peace and may all who knew him find peace in his well lived monumental life.

Scott McDearmont
Sulphur Springs, Texas

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Letters: Don't Touch the Hazlewood Act; Protect Texas Veterans' Tuition Benefits

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/5/19 22:38:00 (889 reads)

Texas Senator and retired Army Officer, Brian Birdwell introduced, and passed through the senate, SB 1735 which is scheduled to reform the Texas Veterans Hazlewood Act (Legacy provision) which allows veterans to pass on up to 120 credit hours to a dependent.

“The Hazlewood program is quickly becoming unviable, and soon, its benefits will be too costly to provide even to the veteran—not just his or her dependent,” said Birdwell. “I can think of few things that would be as tragically shortsighted as ignoring the simple facts that foretell the long-term unsustainability of this program, and that’s why the Legislature had to act.”

If it passes, a veteran would be required to have served in the military six years before being allowed to pass on the tuition benefit to a dependent. Currently, the requirement is to serve on active duty for 180 days.

Six years is simply way too long for a combat or disabled veteran with service connected injuries. These particular veterans are normally the “boots on the ground” who are enlisted men and women just trying to survive and provide for their families. It’s not like they are retired Army officers with a nice retirement check plus a VA pension like Senator Birdwell!

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Letters: LISD Board Candidate Smith Exposed

Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/4/15 18:18:15 (1176 reads)

To the editor:

If you were looking for [LISD Board Candidate] Mary Smith, outside of her position at Presbyterian Flower Mound Hospital, more than likely you will find her in a place she finds to be her center point. That center point for her is at New Beginnings Church right in the center of Lewisville. Growing up, Smith was surrounded by a family that found comfort in not only attending church but inserting their spiritual gifts in and outside of the church. Today, Smith carries the same traditions with her family. Her foundation consists of strong morals and values such as being trustworthy, non-judgmental, standing firm for what is right, and being dependable- all derived from her relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Jesus Christ is the head of my life and everything I do is to honor him. I honor him through consistently loving others, having compassion for all, extending grace in all situations, and holding short accounts. I do this because every day Jesus does this for me.” -Mary Smith

During Smith’s second year of college, at 19 years of age, she found out that her first child would be arriving in September resulting in her Physical Education degree being placed on hold. At that point in time, Smith believed all of her education and career goals would become a distant memory since she would have to focus on becoming a mother. Ten years later, four more children, a divorce and a new marriage, Smith began to rethink the possibility of a degree again, and that thought reignited her passion for education. Smith decided to not be held in bondage anymore and to reignite her passion for education. In the spring of 2010 Smith completed her bachelors in Biblical Theology and is a third of the way from completing her Masters at Dallas Baptist University. Smith has no plans of stopping at her Masters.

“My education journey has fueled my passion to fight for quality education for all”- Mary Smith

Smith’s life journey has allowed her to develop into an individual who can bring people of different backgrounds together for a common cause. If elected, Smith plans to listen to the concerns of parents and teachers and seek out a solution. Smith believes that in order to see LISD at its full potential, all parties need to work together.

“In 2012 a teacher stepped out of her comfort zone for my husband by donating her kidney that saved his life. My appreciation for teachers runs deep.”

Therefore, Smith vow’s to go to work for all in preparing all of our children for success in a competitive world.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

Jennifer Rivera,

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