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2015/7/28 12:56 - Re: Letters: Resident Concerned about HAARP Weapon (Anonymous)
2015/7/28 11:36 - Re: Letters: Resident Concerned about HAARP Weapon (Anonymous)
2015/7/27 10:13 - Re: I-35 Accident Kills One, Injures Two (Anonymous)
2015/7/27 10:12 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
2015/7/26 13:33 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
2015/7/24 11:47 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
2015/7/24 9:37 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
2015/7/23 23:46 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (WhosPlayin)
2015/7/23 18:45 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
2015/7/23 17:27 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
2015/7/23 15:14 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (WhosPlayin)
2015/7/23 14:45 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
2015/7/23 13:36 - Re: Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead (Anonymous)
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2015/7/10 0:27 - Re: City Council to Hear Presentation on LED Light Strips (Anonymous)
2015/7/6 1:20 - Re: Updated: Councilman Arrested for DWI (Anonymous)
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Various events and happenings in the Lewisville, Texas and Southern Denton County areas.
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Lewisville Police Offer Exchange Zone

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/7/27 13:04:19 (1471 reads)

Open in new windowTwo marked parking spots have been designated in front of the Lewisville Police Department’s main door as an "Exchange Zone" for citizens wanting a safe location to exchange goods bought or sold, or to perform child custody exchanges. The area is under video surveillance. Lewisville Police Department encourages citizens to exercise good judgment and caution in their interaction with strangers, and bears no responsibility for the validity of the transactions conducted.

The Police Department is located at 1187 W. Main St on the West end of the Lewisville Municipal Annex.

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Coach Joe's Hat Tricks Presents: Rob Hunts 60th Birthday Guitar Jam

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by Pmoulard87 on 2015/7/26 13:10:00 (150 reads)

Open in new window
Sunday night at Coach Joe's Hat Tricks at 7:00PM, local Dallas area Blues legend Rob Hunt will take the stage to do what he does best. For 30 years Rob has been gracing the DFW metroplex with his signature warm and gritty take on traditional blues guitar, playing along side many local greats including Tommy Katona, Tallan Latz, and Christian Brooks. The show is absolutely free of charge and Rob has an unknown line-up of surprise guest musicians ready to join him for his birthday celebration. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early to accommodate parking.

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I-35 Accident Kills One, Injures Two

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/7/26 8:30:00 (3467 reads)

Open in new windowThe Lewisville Police Department reports that Sunday morning at 4:36 a.m., officers were sent to the 2400 block of South Interstate Highway 35E Northbound on a major accident involving four vehicles. Details from witnesses indicate that this may have been two separate accidents, the first involving a single vehicle accident. Photos show an SUV struck a barrier and flipped over. The 2400 block is near the intersection of FM 3040.

Two vehicles then stopped to aid in the first accident and while they providing aid to the occupants of the first vehicle crash, a fourth vehicle struck a pedestrian and two vehicles at the scene.

One adult male from the first accident, has been transported to Plano Presbyterian Hospital with unknown injuries. The pedestrian, an adult male, was transported to Medical Center-Lewisville, where he later succumbed to his injuries. The lone occupant of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian and two vehicles was transported to Parkland Hospital with unknown injuries. Alcohol was a contributing factor in the initial accident. Fatality Investigators were on scene and traffic was being diverted onto the Northbound Frontage Rd.

The deceased was transported to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office where an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Update - 12 noon:
The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office has released the name of the person killed in this morning's accident: 18 year old Luis Mario Aleman-Mendoza, of Little Elm.

Open in new windowUpdate - 2:40 p.m.:
The driver of the vehicle involved in the first crash has been identified as Tristan Dane Harris, 32 years of age, from Lewisville, Texas. Harris was arrested for Intoxication Assault with Serious Bodily Injury and is currently being housed in the City of Lewisville Jail, and is awaiting arraignment. A passenger in his vehicle was seriously injured and transported to Plano Presbyterian Hospital.

Lt. Scott Haynes of Lewisville Police Department said that the second driver, whose car killed pedestrian Aleman-Mendoza was cooperating in the investigation, and had freely provided a blood sample. Haynes said that the man was on his way to work, and that police believe that it was just an accident that he did not see the pedestrian. Police do not suspect alcohol to be a factor in the second crash at this point, pending results from the blood test, which could take weeks.

Haynes praised Aleman-Mendoza for stopping to help the victim of the first crash.

The accident continues to be investigated. There are no other charges filed at this time.

Update - 7/27 - 8:30 a.m.:
Harris' bond has been set at $100,000. He is currently being held in Denton County Jail. He has three prior arrests in Denton County from 2004, 2006, and 2012 for failure to appear, theft, driving while license inactive, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance.

This story contains material from a submitted report. Photo by Bryan - kd5yov.

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Lewisville Police Investigate Homicide; One Dead

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/7/23 13:10:00 (3915 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowLewisville Police are investigating a homicide that occurred around noon today on Oakbend Drive near the 100 block of Forestbrook Drive in Lewisville.

LPD Captain Kevin Deaver said that the call came in as shots heard around 12:04 p.m. Officers found a deceased black male sitting in a green 2004 Nissan Altima in the street. Witnesses reported two suspects fleeing the scene; both were black, and one was male, the other unknown.

As of about 2:15 p.m. when we left, the victim's body was still on-scene in the car. His identification is pending notification of next-of-kin.

Police K9 units were searching the area for the suspects, who police say may have run off into the wooded area surrounding the scene. The shooting happened just north of the intersection of Oakbend and Forestbrook. That area is full of apartment complexes, and is not far from where a shooting happened last year at The Madison.

Police had a perimeter set up around the area, and a Texas DPS helicopter was circling overhead looking for suspects. Police now believe that the suspects were able to escape the wooded area before the perimeter was established.

This is the second homicide reported in Lewisville for 2015. The first one was on April 7th at the Hampton Bay Apartments.

Anyone with information on this crime is urged to contact the Lewisville Police Department crime tip line at 972-219-8477 (TIPS). Tipsters can also text anonymously by using the keyword TIPLPD, with the information to 847411.

We'll provide more info when we can get it.

At around 2:30, a medical examiner showed up on scene.
At about 2:40, LPD command released the perimeter. We have not heard any radio traffic regarding any suspects captured. DPS helicopter is departing.
3:48 p.m: LPD provided updates which have been noted in the story above. Vehicle was a 2004 green Nissan Altima.

7/24/2015 - 5:20 p.m.:
The Lewisville Police Department has identified the victim: "The victim, in this case, has been identified as 19-year-old, Jarrod Dewayne Black from Lewisville. Lewisville Police detectives continue to investigate this case and pursue leads. Detectives do not have a suspect at this time. The motive also is still unclear. "

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Water Rates to Rise

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/7/21 8:04:18 (637 reads)

Open in new windowBy Steve Southwell

Despite an abundance of rain, and full lakes this summer, water rates will likely have a 4 - 6% increase this year for Lewisville residents, and the residents of other cities whose water is supplied by Dallas Water Utilities (DWU). Lewisville purchases all of its municipal water supply from DWU, including raw water from Lewisville Lake and treated water from several of DWU’s pump stations.

Monday night in workshop session, the Lewisville City Council learned that DWU is raising the price of the untreated water that Lewisville draws from Lewisville Lake by 48.5%. The cost of treated water that the city also purchases from DWU will rise by 17%. It is expected that the impact of the rate increase from DWU will result in about $735,000 that will have to be recovered in a rate increase to Lewisville water customers. That rate hike is based on increased costs to DWU from the the Sabine River Authority (SRA), and DWU's participation the Integrated Pipeline project.

The SRA unilaterally raised prices for water from Lake Fork, which as of this year supplies 13% of the water for DWU. The City of Dallas paid for 100% of the construction of Lake Fork, and pays 74% of the cost of operating it in exchange for 74% of the reliable water source. The agreement, struck in 1981, expired in November, 2014, but provided for an additional 40 year extension with a mutually agreed rate based on prevailing rates for similar water sales. The rate set by SRA’s board was 56 cents per thousand gallons, which they claimed was fair because that was the rate Dallas was charging other cities for the water. But Dallas’s price to other cities accounted for the capital and operating costs it was paying.

Dallas tried for several years to negotiate an acceptable rate with SRA prior to the expiration date. Dallas has filed a lawsuit, challenging the SRA board’s authority to set that rate, but so far the Public Utility Commission declined to intervene, leaving the parties to wait on the result of what could be a lengthy lawsuit.

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Citizen Takes Action on Unwanted Newspaper Litter

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/7/19 13:42:26 (454 reads)

By Steve Southwell

Open in new window
Sunday morning, a one-block stretch of Downey Drive in Lewisville had three Lewisville Leader newspapers in the street. Around the neighborhood, others were thrown between houses, and some homes had soggy newspapers in the yard, or on the sidewalk.
To many people, a freshly-folded newspaper on the front sidewalk is a welcome amenity to enjoy with morning coffee. For others, it is considered unwelcome and unsightly litter that must be picked up and disposed of. Lewisville resident Colonel Mason says that despite not paying for a subscription, and asking the publishers numerous times to stop leaving newspapers in his lawn, he continues to receive them. Mason, who walks with the assistance of a cane, has difficulty getting out to them and bending over to pick them up.

It’s not just the inconvenience of having to dispose of the papers that bothers Mason. He believes they are an environmental problem because they can wash into the storm drains, or they will end up in the landfill. The papers can also collect in a resident’s yard, leading a would-be burglar to believe that the resident was away, and that the home would be an easy target.

The Dallas Morning News, Al Dia, and The Lewisville Leader are all newspapers that Mason says end up in his yard. The Morning News and The Leader are both typically paid subscription newspapers, and Al Dia is a free Spanish language publication of The Dallas Morning News. Many residents also receive Briefing, a free publication from The Dallas Morning News that is delivered Wednesday through Saturday.

Even though The Leader’s papers are paid circulation at $65 per year, it is common for them to throw to non-subscribers. We contacted Melissa Rougeot, the circulation manager for Star Local Media, the company that publishes The Leader, to ask about the practice. Rougeot offered no comment, other than that residents can call and have the delivery stopped.

Mason believes the newspapers he receives are litter, so he and his friend Jack Bishop started a non-profit organization to attack the problem. C.L.E.A.N. (Committee of Lewisville’s Environmental Action Neighbors) has a website which advocates residents taking action against the newspapers and their advertisers. C.L.E.A.N. calls for a boycott of the newspapers and their advertisers, which the group has listed on their website. The group is also asking residents to use social media to post on the papers’ Facebook accounts, and express their displeasure with the unwanted papers.

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City Schedules Mosquito Spraying

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/7/14 8:30:00 (537 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowTexas Department of State Health Services has confirmed the city's first positive West Nile Virus mosquito trap for 2015. The positive sample came from a trap collected July 2 in the 1600 block of Purgatory Pass – one of nine core testing sites throughout the city.

(Purgatory Pass is located north of FM 407, near Garden Ridge and Brazos Blvd.)

Spraying is scheduled for the nights of Tuesday, July 14, and Wednesday, July 15, starting at 10 p.m. Spraying will be conducted by trucks from public streets. The insecticide being used is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and poses minimal risk to humans and the environment.

City crews are regularly walking through and visually inspecting creeks and drainage channels to look for potential mosquito breeding sites. The city has nearly a dozen workers in the Parks and Animal Services divisions who are state-certified to apply anti-larval dunks or localized pesticide to curb the mosquito population. Residents also are encouraged to report standing water on city-maintained property by calling Lewisville Animal Services at 972.219.3478.

The Texas Department of Health operates a toll-free WNV information line in both English and Spanish at 888.883.9997, and has expanded information posted on its website at Denton County Health Department also has information about West Nile Virus at 940.349.2907, or online.

From a submitted report

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Saturday Briefs

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/7/11 18:10:00 (479 reads)

City seeks resident input through online survey
Lewisville residents are being encouraged to participate in a resident survey that will be used to assess the effectiveness of current programs and the level of public demand for potential new or revised programs.

The online survey will be available through Saturday, Aug. 15. Click here to complete the survey.

Taking part in the survey will help the city see how residents feel about current and potential city services, identify areas where additional attention might be needed, and strive to continually improve services provided.

The city conducted a general resident satisfaction survey last year for the first time in 10 years, although special surveys have been conducted that focused on MCL Grand awareness, development of the Parks and Open Space Master Plan, and Lewisville 2025 vision plan public input. The 2014 satisfaction survey was the first to be conducted exclusively online.

More than 1,200 responses were received for the 2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey, about three times as many responses as were collected for most of the previous surveys.

Fundraiser for Friends of LLELA
Join the Friends of LLELA for Fundraiser Tuesdays at Square One Cafe, 136 W. Main St. every Tuesday in July, Square One will donate a portion of food and beverage sales to Friends of LLELA. The fundraiser is all day, but on Tuesday evenings starting at 5pm there will be a special gathering of LLELA Friends to hang with!
Square One is contributing 10% of all Food purchased, $1 per Beer Pint and $2 per Growler fill to Friends of LLELA, which supports the programs and provides volunteers for the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area

Library to host Hi-Tech Job Fair
Lewisville Public Library, 1197 W. Main Street, has partnered with Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas and North Central Texas College to host a Hi-Tech Job Fair at the library on Thursday, July 23, from 6-8:30 p.m.

Poet Laureate leads night of readings at MCL Grand
Join Lewisville’s Poet Laureate J. Paul Holcomb for an evening of local poetry readings at the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater, 100 N. Charles Street, on Thursday, July 30, from 7-9 p.m.

Those attending can bring their original works to share, or listen to the work of individuals and members of local poetry groups. Admission is free. Refreshments will be provided.

The Killdares set for July 14 “Sounds” concert, Blaze of Glory rescheduled
The popular Sounds of Lewisville concert series, a free family event since 1991, continues Tuesday, July 14, with The Killdares, performing in the courtyard at Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater, 100 N. Charles Street.

Concerts start at 7 p.m. every Tuesday night in June and July. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs for their comfort. Well-behaved pets on a leash are allowed at the shows. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.
The rained-out performance by Blaze of Glory – The Bon Jovi Experience on June 16 has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Presented by Credit Union of Texas and the Lewisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, many concert nights also feature additional entertainment or activities during intermission, including special performers and lots of fun things for kids and families.

For more information about the “Sounds of Lewisville” concerts, please call 972.219.8446 or visit

Progressive Leaders Toastmasters Held Each Monday
Progressive Leaders Toastmasters welcomes politically progressive people who wish to work for of social and economic justice by enhancing their communication skills in a supportive, self-paced environment. Progressive Leaders Toastmasters meets each Monday at 7:00 pm at Landmark Grill in Lewisville, 1297 Justin Rd / FM 407. Join them for social time and dinner starting at 6:00 pm. For more information, contact Sandy Swan: or visit their Facebook page.

Denton County High School Republicans Kick-off Rally July 20th
Area high school students who support conservative political philosophies and limited government are invited to come to a Kickoff Rally geared toward them on Monday, July 20, 2015 at the Denton County Fairgrounds at 2217 N. Carroll Blvd. in Denton. Scheduled from 6 – 9 p.m., the rally will focus on how young people can impact their futures through the Republican Party and its High School Republican groups. Attendees will be able to meet elected officials and visit with like-minded high school Republicans as well as enjoy free pizza. Parents are also welcome to attend. To RSVP and for further information contact or call 940.383.4446.

LPD Distributed Gun Locks as Part of National Safety Month
Promoted by the National Safety Council every June, National Safety Month was developed as an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths.

In recognition of National Safety Month, the Lewisville Police Department took the opportunity to remind our citizens about the importance of proper gun usage and storage. To help promote the idea of safe and secure firearm storage, the Lewisville Police Department offered free gun locks during the month of June.

Thanks to “Project Child Safe” and to a generous donation of gun locks from Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, Texas, we were able to provide these gun locks to Lewisville residents at no cost. During June, the Department distributed 94 gun locks to our residents. Thanks to all of those who took advantage of the gun lock giveaway.

Sex Offender Registration Update
According to the Police Chief's weekly update, as of July 6, 2015, the City of Lewisville has 39 registered sex offenders in residence. That number is down two from last month.

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Upcoming Closures on the 35Express Project

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by LewisvilleTexan on 2015/7/11 14:13:55 (380 reads)

Open in new windowDaily Closures on North- and Southbound Harry Hines Boulevard Between Interstate 35E and Interstate 635 in Dallas
As work continues on the expansion of I-35E, various lanes of north- and southbound Harry Hines Boulevard between I-35E and I-635 will be closed daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, July 13 through Monday, August 31.

Work Begins on Dickerson Parkway in Carrollton
Carrollton, Texas - As work begins on the expansion of Dickerson Parkway, two right lanes of southbound I-35E between the President George Bush Turnpike and Jackson Road will be closed nightly from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Thursday, July 16 through Monday, July 20. Law enforcement will be on site for traffic control in the closure area.

Once construction is complete, the new bridge will have two traffic lanes in each direction, dedicated turn lanes in each direction and provide an additional east-west connection in the area. Motorists will be able to access the PGBT and I-35E from Dickerson Parkway.

Nightly Flagging Operations on East- and Westbound Oak Drive in Hickory Creek
As utility work continues, a flagging operation will be in place on east- and westbound Oak Drive at the southbound I-35E frontage road nightly from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday, July 13 through Monday, August 10.

This work is related to the 35Express project, an expansion of I-35E between U.S. Highway 380 in Denton County and I-635 in Dallas County. All closures are subject to weather conditions and may be postponed, if necessary.

For more information on the 35Express project or to sign up to receive traffic alerts, please visit or call 214-483-7777.

From a submitted report

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35Express Project to Create 100 New Jobs

Local News, Notes and Events
Posted by WhosPlayin on 2015/7/11 12:00:01 (322 reads)

Open in new windowOpen in new windowAdditional Workers Needed to Complete Highway Expansion

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS– Increased construction activity means new jobs for Dallas and Denton County operators, laborers and carpenters. AGL Constructors is now recruiting for these and other positions and will hire for 100 new jobs for the 35Express project. There are currently 680 people employed by AGL Constructors. Between design, construction and other services, upon completion, more than 900 workers will have contributed to the 35Express project.

“We are excited to bring more jobs into the area,” says Mark Smith with AGL. “This is a great opportunity. We’re working on one of the largest highway expansion projects under construction in the North Texas region. At the end the project, not only will we have improved infrastructure, but hopefully, we will have added value to the local economy.”

The 35Express project is approximately 30 miles long and extends from U.S. Highway 380 in Denton County to I-­635 in Dallas County. Improvements to I-35E will include additional general purpose lanes, an 18-mile reversible TEXpress managed lane system and a new southbound bridge across Lewisville Lake. The project will also rehabilitate, reconstruct or expand more than 75 bridges. The project is scheduled for completion in mid-2017.

AGL Constructors, a joint venture between Archer Western Contractors L.L.C., Granite Construction Incorporated and the Lane Construction Corporation in partnership with the design team of Parsons and HDR Inc., manages construction of the 35Express Project for the Texas Department of Transportation. The North Texas-­based team that has a vested interest in providing the community with improved mobility while minimizing disruption during construction.

To view jobs available, visit the 35Express website employment section.

For more information on the 35Express Project, visit, or call 214-483-­7777.

From a submitted report

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