Joe Barton Wins Another Texas Dim Bulb Award

Date 2010/6/18 3:50:00 | Topic: The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me

Congressman Joe Barton (R, Ennis), previous winner of the Texas Dim Bulb Award, gets another one for being a complete dip-shit today. Joe Barton doesn’t have the sense that God gave a mule. I’d be astonished if Barton’s IQ surpassed 90. Today, Dopey Joe apologized to poor BP for President Obama’s audacity in asking them to start setting aside money for a $20 Billion fund to pay claims for the Gulf spill damage. Overall, it was a bad day for Joe Barton, who just opens his mouth and spews whatever his two functioning neurons manage to fire up in any given moment. He was condemned by members of his own party, including a shot by Michael Burgess (R, Lewisville). But hey, keep it up Republicans. Show the voters your true colors, and who you truly work for. Joe Barton works for British Petroleum, and any other monied interest who will kick a few bucks into his campaign. NO APOLOGIES TO CRIMINALS, JOE! Your Texas citizenship is revoked. Pack your shit and move to Alabama.

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BTW, here's a pretty LONG but interesting article from Rolling Stone about the spill.

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