New Poll: Would you vote for an LISD Property Tax Increase? How Much?

Date 2010/6/23 6:10:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

Please take our new poll - don't worry, you can change your vote later if you change your mind. Trustees have a difficult position of trying to figure out how much of a tax increase to ask for to deal with a pretty large upcoming budget deficit. We still intend to post notes and video, but you can see more information here

Note: In the actual tax rollback election, you'll only have two choices: "For" and "Against". For would be for the rate the board chooses to adopt, and against would be a rejection of that rate, and a return to the "rollback" rate of $1.04 - our current rate.

Board members need to know where you stand.

Also: Do you have ideas for additional ways that LISD can cut their budget without harming the classroom? Leave a comment. Lets crowd-source this and give them some ideas.

I have a few, but I want to see what others will come up with, so I'll post mine in the comments like everyone else. Maybe we'll even post a poll with the top ideas.

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